The Android 5.0 Lollipop aam aadmi review: I think I’ve made a terrible mistake

This is what Android Lollipop update means to a layman.

Written by Rajkrishnan Menon | New Delhi | Updated: November 21, 2014 11:12:51 am
androidlollipop This is what Android Lollipop update means to a layman.

Android 5 System Update’: I wasn’t among the many who were eagerly waiting for this message to pop up, and when it did, I lazily said, ‘Later’. But it did not take no for an answer, it persisted. And I downloaded. The whole process took only a little over five minutes.

When my Nexus 5 rebooted, for a moment I thought it had morphed into a Nexus 6: The icons were different, the lock screen was different, the gallery app was gone. Even the fonts had changed. ‘Material design’, I am told.

But I think I’ve made a terrible mistake: Now I have to get used to my phone all over again. For instance, I have to tap twice to open an app or an email. As a first-time Android/Touch phone user, I had barely got used to the one-touch trick. And I haven’t yet figured out how to get rid of the ‘BBM: Connected’ icon from the lock screen.

Android Lollipop

That’s right. Although I rarely use it, I still have BBM on my phone as a relic from, and a reminder of, a turbulent, not so distant past when my so-called smart phone, a BB, depended on me to stay sorted and alive when it should have been the other way round.

Anyway, I am even finding it slightly difficult to scroll the apps: I am convinced there is a lag. But I also noticed that the lockscreen tells me things like “12 minutes until full” when the phone is charging. Hmm.

Android ‘L’. Looks lighter, trimmer. I also found out about the Flashlight problems (But I guess that has more to do with Nexus) and how it is tough to ‘silence’ your phone totally with this OS. But maybe I’ll learn to like it.

Ok, so I wanted to Google something, and opened Chrome. All I wanted was one tab: For a simple, routine Google search. Whoa! Many of my recent tabs were floating around: Office mail, the Express epaper tab, my Twitter page…I started getting rid of them, stopping after six or seven tabs to think, “Oh God! This is never-ending.

Am I deleting my bookmarks, too?!” No. As it happened, I was only swiping away my recent tabs. It was like I had opened Chrome on my laptop.

I realise these guys meant business when they said, “We’d like to change the way you use smartphones and the web.”

Mission Lollipop has begun.

Written by Rajkrishnan Menon.

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A technically sound full review of the Android Lollipop will follow soon.

Meanwhile, please share your Lollipop experience in the comment section below.

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