Airtel clarifies again: Airtel Zero not a tariff proposition

Says Flipkart statement is consistent with their stand

By: Tech Desk | Updated: April 15, 2015 7:36:09 am
net neutrality, airtel, bharti, flipkart ‘Airtel Zero is merely an open platform for content providers to provide toll free data services,’ says the company.

Hours after Flipkart announced its decision to “walk out of” the Airtel Zero programme, the telecom major once again clarified its stand calling the service a open marketing platform and not a “tariff proposition”.

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A statement from the company said Airtel Zero:

1.   Allows any application or content provider to offer their service on a toll free basis to their customers who are on our network.

2.   Such customers whether on a data pack or not will therefore be able to access these toll free services free of charge.

3.   No site whether on the toll free platform or not under any circumstances is blocked, throttled or provided any form of preferential access.

4.   The toll free platform is open to all content providers on a completely non discriminatory basis and operates on the same principle as 1-800 toll free voice services.

The Airtel note said the “statement made by Flipkart regarding their decision not to offer toll free data service to their customers is consistent with our stand that Airtel Zero is not a tariff proposition”.

“It is merely an open platform for content providers to provide toll free data services. The platform remains open to all companies who want to offer these toll free data services to their customers on a completely non discriminatory basis,” it added.

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