Google could seek Windows 10 certification for Pixelbook: Report

Google could seek Windows 10 certification for Pixelbook: Report

Google could seek Windows 10 certification from Microsoft for its Pixelbook 2-in-1 laptops. Currently based on Google's ChromeOS, the Pixelbook could open opportunities for developers.

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Google’s Pixelbook could receive certification of Windows 10.

Google’s Pixelbook could receive Windows 10 certification, according to report. A report in XDA Developers, which has gathered codes, suggest that the Microsoft OS could be made native to the Pixelbook. Further, reports from 9to5Google suggest the Chromium OS’ code reviews show possible dual-booting Windows 10 being introduced for Google’s tablet-cum-laptop.

The XDA Developers report shows that Google’s plans for adding Windows 10 to the Pixelbook appeared in its documentation for AltOS, that has until now been used for internal testing. The AltOS code was found to include WHCK and HLK, which are Microsoft staples. The Windows Hardware Certification Kit (WHCK) and the Hardware Lab Kit (HLK) are necessary to obtain official Windows compatibility, that Google aims to seek for the Pixelbook. The presence of WHCK and HLK also suggests that AltOS will increasingly resemble Windows 10 functions.

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The addition of Windows 10 will add greater developer options to the Google Pixelbook. It suggests that the Pixelbook series will be kept open to Windows drivers, and offer services that are not available under ChromeOS. This, though, could compromise on the processing capacity of the Pixelbooks, given that they run Intel’s i5 Y series processors, which work well with the light-weight ChromeOS. The change means that Google could introduce a faster processor, if the Windows 10-based Pixelbook is to ship commercially.


None of the reports, though, were able to get any word from Microsoft or Google about this change. Given the rivalry seen between the two US tech companies over their respective phone software, the speculation indicates that the certification could, for now, remain within closed doors. If the Pixelbook does see these changes, it might stand up to its price tag.