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Nope, drilling a hole won’t get your iPhone 7 a 3.5mm headphone jack

A prank video on TechRax shows how to drill a hole in the iPhone 7 in order to get the headphone jack back and it has gone viral.

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With Apple iPhone 7, Cupertino has killed the beloved headphone jack. Apple got rid of the 100-year-old technology and now wants users to rely on the Lightning port based EarPods or the totally wireless (and pretty expensive) AirPods. But it seems some iPhone 7 users are convinced they can just drill a hole in their brand new phone and get the 3.5 mm headphone jack back. The reason: A prank video on TechRax shows how to drill a hole in the iPhone 7 in order to get the missing port back.

The video which has gone viral with over 11 million views on YouTube alone, shows an iPhone 7 (matte black version that too) getting drilled with a machine at the bottom (where the new dual speakers are). Once the ‘3.5 headphone jack’ has been created, the person in the video puts on the older headphones and claims it is now working fine. Except it is not and that’s a ruined iPhone you’re looking at it. Sadly it seems people have fallen victim to this prank video.

Some of the comments on the video mention how people tried this, and now there’s no sound coming out of their phone. One comment reads, “I tried this, and now there’s no sound coming out my phone.” Another says, “I tried exactly what you did, but there wasnt sound coming out of it. Please help.”

One more comment reads, “Hello TechRax, I drilled the hole in it. The headphone doesn’t go all the way in. Do I need to drill deeper? Also my phone turned of because of low battery I think. I’m charging it for an hour now it doesn’t turn on, is this normal?” It is safe to say that this particular iPhone 7 is not coming back. 

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One user complained TechRax ruined their phone and when they took it back to the Apple Store, they obviously refused to fix it. Someone also said they tried putting back all the pieces of their iPhone 7 together and glued the hole. Obviously Apple will notice this bit and is unlikely to replace or fix the iPhone 7 without charging extra.

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And yes there are plenty of the comments on the video keep which claiming they tried this trick and now their old headphones work just fine on it, which is not true. One comment even claims they’ve managed to add a microUSB port on it. Then there are others mocking those who have managed to destroy their brand new iPhone 7 by falling for the prank.


For all users of the iPhone 7, both current and potential buyers, these are the points to note. The iPhone 7 doesn’t have a headphone jack, and no you can’t bring it back. No, no, no. Live with it. Apple has given an adapter for Lightning to 3.5 mm headphones, just use that if you are desperate to try your older headphones.

Also iPhone 7 is water and dust-resistant. That doesn’t cover liquid damage. Don’t think you can take this one for a swim just yet or dunk in a glass of beer or wine. Apple won’t cover any of that.

First published on: 27-09-2016 at 07:41:39 pm
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