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Thursday, June 04, 2020

Apple iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus have a hissing problem: Reports

Apple's iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus seems to have a hissing problem, according to reports from early users and reviewers.

By: Tech Desk | Updated: September 19, 2016 9:59:42 am
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Apple’s iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus seems to have a hissing problem, according to reports from early users and reviewers. The issue was first noted by 512 Pixels’ Stephen Hackett, who posted about the same on on Twitter, and also shared a YouTube link to the hissing sound from his iPhone 7 Plus. He wrote on Twitter, “My iPhone 7 Plus makes terrible noises when under load,” and has added the YouTube link. And his complaint has been corroborated by others as well who are facing the same problem.

TechCrunch writer Darrell Etherington also posted on Twitter saying a brand new, just un-boxed iPhone 7 Plus was doing the same thing, aka the hissing sound. It seems the iPhone 7 series is making this hissing sound, which is what is known as a ‘coil noise’ made by a high-powered processor when under load.

According to iMore, this hissing sound is not just an iPhone 7 problem. The detailed explanation on iMore points out pretty much all devices make this ‘hissing noise’ especially in “high-intensity CPU/GPU activity.” Apple has so far declined to comment on ‘hissing-gate’, and so far it doesn’t seem as bad as bend-gate from 2014, when there were reports that the iPhone 6s Plus was prone to bending. Apple has said at the time only 9 iPhones had faced the bending issue, but it was still one of the most talked about things for the iPhone 6 Plus launch.

However, if you listen to Hackett’s YouTube video link of the iPhone 7 Plus hissing, it’s not something which is common on an iPhone. As the report on iMore points out, ‘the coil noise’ is most likely because of CPU overload, and it could be because of the A10 Fusion chip which is much more powerful.

Another iOS developer Marco Arment also commented on Hackett’s tweet, saying the hissing sound is “the phone equivalent of hearing the fans spin up loudly whenever your Mac’s CPU gets used to its actual potential.” His first tweet also says, “Lots of reports of iPhone 7 hissing noises. There may be a good reason, but it’s still unfortunate and ungraceful.” Check out the tweets below

Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus launch in India on October 7, and in the US the iPhone 7 Plus’ jet black version is already sold out. Apple iPhone 7 starts at Rs 60,000 for 32GB going all the way to Rs 70,000 for 128GB and Rs 80,000 for 256GB. Apple iPhone 7 Plus starts at Rs 72,000 for the 32GB version, while the 128GB version is priced at Rs 82,000 and Rs 92,000 for 256GB.

Apple has also slashed prices of the 128GB versions of the iPhone 6s, and iPhone 6s Plus in India, as well the 64GB version of the iPhone SE. Apple iPhone 7 series comes with an improved 12MP camera with a lower f/1.8 aperture for better low-light shots, while the iPhone 7 Plus has a dual rear camera with a special Portrait mode. iPhone 7 series also runs the more powerful quad-core A10 Fusion chipset.

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