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Sony PlayStation VR 2: Launch date and everything we know so far

Sony PlayStation VR 2: Sony has just revealed the awesome new features for the PlayStation VR 2 including eye-tracking, foveated rendering and more.

Sony PS VR2Here's what to expect from the upcoming PlayStation VR 2. (Image Source: Sony)

Sony’s second-gen virtual reality (VR) gaming platform was initially touted for a 2022 release, however, Sony has confirmed that we will not be seeing the product launch this year. The Sony PlayStation VR 2, or simply the Sony PS VR2 will be available “early next year” instead.

While we wait for the next-gen VR console to launch, we are gradually being treated to the new features the VR 2 will include. Sony also recently released a two-minute advert that showed a peak at what to expect from the platform.

In addition to previously announced features like see-through view and a broadcast mode, the new ‘Find a New Real’ video shows a look at the new controllers and headset as well as other new key features. Check it out below.

These include a 4K HDR display inside the headset, which will likely make sure all in-game worlds look as stunning as possible. With HDR support, users will also likely have a much better experience in darker environments in games. The PS VR2 will also come with a 100-degree field of view (FOV), allowing players to immerse themselves deeper into a game’s visuals.

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Eye tracking and Foveated rendering

The Sony PS VR2 will also come with eye-tracking features which will detect and follow your vision. As the video showcases, this can be integrated into games and will allow for hands-free actions like, switching between weapons in shooting games. The possibilities of eye-tracking seem endless for now but we will have to see how developers integrate the same into various titles.

Foveated rendering is another interesting aspect that eye-tracking enables. This allows the platform to render details in select portions of the entire display with full detail and reduce the workload on the other portions, not wasting precious resources in parts of the display you’re not looking at.

With the PS VR2, games will be able to implement eye-tracking to gauge which parts of display players are looking at and render details accordingly, likely improving the overall performance along the way.


Sound, feedback and more

The Sony PS VR2 controllers, which we also saw earlier this year, will implement touch detection for more precise controlling and tactile feedback. Players also get haptic feedback on the controllers along with adaptive triggers.

Feedback will also extend to the new headset, which will also vibrate to alert players of in-game collisions, damage or other activities. Sony has also teased improved soundscapes with tempest 3D audio tech, which should allow for an improved surround sound experience, giving a more realistic feel to games.

Further details and specifications remain a mystery for now, but with about half a year left between now and Sony’s undisclosed 2023 launch date, we should expect more official information straight from Sony in the months to come.

First published on: 22-09-2022 at 15:44 IST
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