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My mother loves my passion for creating content, playing video games says YouTuber Rawknee

Gamer and Youtuber Rawknee talks about the role his mother supporting his gaming career.

Rawknee on the role his mother plays in his life gamer.

Does your mother understand your love for PUBG Mobile, if not do you think she will if you teach her how to play?

Yes, she totally loves my passion for creating content and playing video games. Although in the beginning, she was not so cool with the idea of me playing video games or creating YouTube videos for a living. Eventually, she realized my passion and since I play a lot of PUBG Mobile, she also knows the game. In fact, she knows quite a few things about the game. And yes, I think she understands why we love the game so much and why the game is so cool. So yes, I would say that my mother totally understands and supporting my love for PUBG Mobile.

How would you teach your mother to play PUBG Mobile?

It’s not going to be a very difficult task. My mother is very good at Candy Crush and I would say that she has reached very high levels in the game. There was a point in time, about 4-5 years ago, when she reached the top most level and there wasn’t any level left beyond that. So maybe the next time she reaches the top level in Candy Crush, and there is no place to go up, I’m going to give her the mobile and ask her to try out PUBG Mobile. Maybe in a month or so after that, she might reach conqueror tier and then come and ask me – beta iske agay ka

If your mom played PUBG Mobile with you, what role would she play? Assaulter, Sniper, Scout or Support?

She would totally be an assaulter because she’s the best at beating me up. She’ll be throwing some chappals at me and I think I don’t know if that classifies as an assaulter. I think I will classify her as an all-rounder whooping mom, someone, who takes care of the whole squad, same as a mother would, like feed them and protect them

If PUBG Mobile hosted a mother-child duo tournament, would you and your mother win and why?

I am actually not sure. If given enough time to play the game, I guess my mom might turn out to be a really good player, maybe better than me. Maybe become the mother of all the pros out there. To be honest, I think in a mother-son tournament, I think all the mothers will actually come together and team up against all the children and we would be beaten by our moms.

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Rawknee and his mother.

Indian mothers are known to be the best protectors. If your mother had to choose between reviving you or running away and winning the chicken dinner, what would she choose and why?

Of course, she would revive me! There is no question about that. No, mother would think otherwise. If a mother has to decide between revising her child or going after the chicken dinner, a mother is always going to choose to revise her child

What do you think tastes better PUBG Mobile chicken dinner or Ma ke haath ka khaana?

Of course, without a doubt. Nothing can taste better than Ma ka hath ka khaana. No chicken dinner can beat that

If you had to help your mother make sabzi in exchange for playing PUBG Mobile with her, would you do it and why?

Playing PUBG MOBILE with her would be really fun. Actually, I would really like to try that maybe someday. If I have to choose between making Sabzi with Mom or Playing PUBG, I would choose Sabzi any day because I actually want to learn cooking. Right now, I don’t know how to cook. I really want to learn cooking and my mom won’t let me because she thinks that I’ll make a mess of the kitchen. In fact, I really don’t know how to even turn on the gas stove. There is a good possibility that I might burn the whole building down.


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What role does a mother play in the life of a gamer?

I don’t think the role of mother in any child’s life is any different from the role of a mother in a gamer’s life. Just like how a mom would nurture her children’s passion and interest in other things, she would do the same in gaming. I think, wherever I am today, as a gamer, as a YouTube content creator, all this is thanks to my mom’s nurturing and encouragement.

Has your mother been helpful in your career as a gamer? If yes, how does she help you bring you’re A-game on. Mother’s Day is on 10th May 2020, what is the one thing you would like to thank your mother for?

It’s not just my mother. It’s both my mother and my father. They’ve helped me a lot in my gaming career. Since my childhood days, I’ve been playing video games. Three years ago, I made the shift to become a content creator and full-time live streamer. Both of them supported me with that move. This was when streaming wasn’t popular in India. They liked the fact that I was doing something that I was very passionate about.


Sometimes, I start my stream by 11:00 PM and it goes well into the night till 1:00 am-2:00 am. And if you have seen my stream, I sometimes tend to get very loud. My parents are in the next room and never have they ever complained about it. They made a lot of sacrifices for me. There have been multiple times when I did not feel like streaming, and in all those times, my mom has always motivated me to stream.

She’s told me that there are people out there, who are waiting for me and there might be a few who might feel the same as me and my stream can probably cheer them up. My mom has been the wind beneath my wings every step of my career. I truly owe her everything.

Mothers have become very good at online games like Candy Crush, do you think India’s new generation of gamers can help their mothers become as good at PUBGM?

Oh, yes, definitely. Like I mentioned before mom plays a lot of Candy Crush game and maybe if she a given a chance to try PUBG MOBILE, she might turn out to be a pro too. I think she would reach Conqueror Tier. It will be a good experience for me to try and teach her how to play PUBG MOBILE. We’ll never know, maybe she might turn out to be better than me. I would love to try that actually.

First published on: 10-05-2020 at 08:21:24 pm
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