PUBG Mobile on Android and iOS: These are the basic requirements to play the game

PUBG Mobile on Android and iOS: These are the basic requirements to play the game

PUBG Mobile Season 4 guide: Here are some essential details needed before you install this battle royale game on Android ior iOS.

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This iteration of the battle royale game, called PUBG Mobile Season 4, comes with new maps, improved ammo packs, and more character skins.

PUBG Mobile Season 4 supported phones, storage requirements, and Lite version: PlayerUnknown’s Battleground, popularly known as PUBG, has now entered its fourth season for mobile gamers. This iteration of the battle royale game, called PUBG Mobile Season 4, has added to the hype around the game with improved maps, upgraded ammo boxes, new character skins, and more.

The hype led up to the recently concluded PUBG Mobile Star Challenge 2018, the first global eSports competition based on the game. Such is the popularity, that the game has crossed over 100 million downloads on Google Play Store, while receiving an average rating of 4.5 following 8 million reviews. For those getting familiar with the game, here’s some information to keep in mind before entering the gaming battlefield.

PUBG Mobile Season 4 requirements: Apple iPhones, iPads

The only requirement for iOS users interested in PUBG Mobile is that they must own a device running at least iOS 9. While this would include almost all the available titles for both iPhones and iPads, it must be noted that the game quality would differ from one device to another. Among iPhones, PUBG appears compatible on iPhone 5S, all the way up to iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. Similarly, this Tencent game can be run on all iPads from iPad 2 to the iPad Pro (2018).

PUBG Mobile Season 4 requirements: Android smartphones

When it comes to Android, mobile gamers should consider both the storage capabilities, as well as the operating system. The Play Store listing shows that PUBG Mobile can be played on devices based on Android 4.3 and above, with phones/tablets at least 2GB RAM, and about 2GB of free storage. This would not only accommodate the game’s download file size, but the data collected from gameplay as well.

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PUBG Mobile: Lite version in the works, India launch estimated

There appears to be more good news in store for those interested in PUBG. According to a report from IB Times, the game developer has built a stripped-down version, known as PUBG Mobile Lite, that has already been launched in the Philippines. This version of the mobile game would make storage requirements even lesser, though the Android compatibility would be tough to push further back. All the same, a lighter game would extend the fun to entry-level smartphones, so more users would be available for match-ups and tournaments.