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PUBG: New State gets new story missions as part of Survivor Pass Vol 4

Survivor Pass Vol 4 brings a two-week-long story mission for Arnie ‘Mayhem’ Kopelson, the leader of a dangerous biker gang - Mayhem.

pubg new state, pubg new state survivor pass vol 4, pubg new state story missions,PUBG: New State gets new story missions as part of Survivor Pass Vol 4. (Image credit: Krafton)

PUBG: New State is adding new story missions as part of the Survivor Pass Vol 4, which arrives on mobile with the 0.9.24 update. The patch brings protagonist Arnie ‘Mayhem’ Kopelson, who is the leader of a dangerous biker gang – Mayhem.

Survivor Pass Vol 4 is a paid battle pass feature that grants player skins and rewards upon hitting an XP milestone, and passing through the levels. The game adds story missions every week and upon completion grants special themed rewards to players. But owners of a Premium Pass will receive higher quality ones, including the Imperial Guard costume set.

According to Krafton, Kopelson and his team rolled into the Troi map on Christmas eve with a ton of food, medicine, and guns. Sheriff Sam Berry (one of the earlier story characters) had arrested Kopelson years ago, on charges of extortion and racketeering. But this time, they have a common enemy in the name of the GLC (Great Lakes Coalition), a faction attempting to seize control over Michigan.

Krafton has only made weeks 1 and 2 available for completion, whereas previously, the game offered three-week-long events. During Week 1, players are tasked with obtaining 5 Mayhem stickers in the 8×8 Troi map, 3 toolboxes, and Doug’s whisky flask from the trailer park location.

In the second week, they must obtain 3 Mayhem buckles from the same area, triangulate the positions of empty water canisters, and find 3 roses from the in-game graveyard.

Earlier this month, the company had added a Round Deathmatch mode, pitting 8 players (4 on each side) in the Arena map, to compete for the highest number of kills. Prior to that, players also received the BR: Extreme update, which essentially throws 64 survivors into the map to fight in a limited time of 20 minutes. Accordingly, the play area was contained, and there was an increased quantity of vehicles and supplies.

PUBG: New State is available to download for free on Android and iOS devices.

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First published on: 24-02-2022 at 11:07:13 am
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