PUBG Mobile to team up with Resident Evil 2; zombie skins, characters expected

PUBG Mobile to team up with Resident Evil 2; zombie skins, characters expected

The PUBG Mobile Star Challenge event in Dubai, that concluded on December 2, saw the Tencent Games-owned franchise announce a partnership with the makers of the Resident Evil series.

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PUBG Mobile is likely to feature Zombie mode during regular gameplay, as the franchsise will now partner Resident Evil 2. (Image Source: Twitter/PUBG Mobile)

PUBG Mobile has hinted that it will partner Resident Evil 2, as new plans for the mobile game are in the works. This announcement was made by Tencent Games at the PUBG Mobile Star Challenge 2018, that was held in Dubai. Gamers can expect this collaboration to offer new features to the game, and more intense battles.

As per the tweet from the Dubai eSports event, PUBG Mobile could be considering this as another tie-up with a popular franchise, though a partnership with another gaming studio is rare. Through the short teaser, one can spot visuals from the Resident Evil franchise, with zombies and dark alleyways dominant. The makers of Resident Evil, RE Games, are yet to disclose any details of the same.

PUBG Mobile gamers can expect to see Resident Evil-style gear, skins, and even special missions. That would mean that the Zombie mode, limited to the game’s PC version, could be fully introduced for smartphones.

For those unfamiliar with PUBG for PC, the Zombie mode appears during custom matches, and not as a part of regular gameplay. Also, the Resident Evil characters appear to be under development, so it might be a while before an update can introduce them across maps and categories.

The popular Battle Royale game has been involved in collaborations with other franchises, which has seen limited-period addition of characters and skins. This mobile game was involved in promoting Mission: Impossible Fallout, as gamers could experience the movie’s characters and ammo packs.

Besides, Season 4 of the game, that started late last month, also includes skins from the DC Comics franchise Suicide Squad, featuring Harley Quinn and the Joker.