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Wednesday, January 22, 2020

PUBG Mobile 0.16.0 is now live: Here’s everything you need to know

PUBG Mobile 0.16.0 update has started rolling out for customers. The update has a size of 670MB on both Android and iOS. It will be made available to everyone on the same day

Written by Karanveer Singh Arora | New Delhi | Updated: December 12, 2019 9:32:25 am
PUBG Mobile, PUBG Mobile 0.16.0 update, PUBG RageGear will consist of two sub-modes, namely TDM mode and Pick Up mode.

Tencent Games has released PUBG Mobile 0.16.0 update, which brings a number of new changes like the introduction of a new EvoGround mode called RageGear, new Classic Mode features and more. The update was made live on December 11 and the servers just like the previous update, will not be taken offline for it.

The update has a size of 670MB on both Android and iOS. It will be made available to everyone on the same day and won’t be a phased rollout. We at were able to get the patch notes for the upcoming update and here are the details.

Firstly, update rewards will include 50 silver, 2,888 BP and 3 Day Winter Dress to all who update before December 17. The update will bring a new EvoGround mode, called RageGear, in which players will be divided into two teams and randomly assigned as the driver or shooters. They will have to destroy enemy vehicles to win. To help the players the vehicles with be mounted with Gatling guns, Shotguns and RPGs.

RageGear will consist of two sub-modes, namely TDM mode and Pick Up mode. In the TDM mode, players will have to destroy enemy vehicles for points and the first to achieve the target score wins. Whereas, in the Pick Up mode, the team that is able to collect the required number of Point Crates first wins. This is the earlier leaked Death Race mode.

Inside of the Classic mode, PUBG Mobile will now allow players to enter the Snow Paradise when queuing for Erangel in Classic mode, where they will be able to take cable cars on snow mountains and play freestyle snowboarding.

EvoGround gets a new Loadout feature, which the players can use to enter the Armory system from the Team Deathmatch Selection screen and access the Inventory screen to edit the weapon and items they bring into the match. Apart from this, the company has also added a button to switch to FPP has been added to TPP in Classic, Arcade and Training grounds.

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One of the most awaited features for the game is now here, which will allow players to use Med Kits, Painkillers, Energy Drinks, Bandages, First Aid Kits, Adrenaline Syringes and some consumables while moving. Also, if you use bandages in the classic mode, they will now continuously automatically to restore health in the Classic mode.

After the update, low-tier players will no longer be able to spectate high-tier players. Players will also be able to now choose to prevent the teammate who knocks them out or kills them, from picking up their items. They will also be given an option to report a teammate for friendly fire.

To combat the rendering issues of the game, Tencent Games will add an Auto-Buffering feature, which will automatically detect the combat frame rate and will help players lower the graphics quality of the match for smooth combat experience. Apart from all of this, other features include the addition of RageGear mode to rooms, the addition of a map download reward guide and addition of achievements related to the reporting of plug-ins and RageGear.

Other improvements detailed in the patch notes include: Firearm balancing in the Classic mode, improvements to the BRDM-2, leaning improvements, performance improvements, optimised switching between different actions, customisable settings of Team Deathmatch are now separate from Infection mode settings, different UIs for Classic mode, Team Deathmatch, and Infection, improved outfit selection, improvements to the sharing screen, improvements to the Lab and various scene bug fixes.

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