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Sunday, December 15, 2019

BTR claims honours on Day 2 of PUBG Mobile Club Open

Here's everything that transpired during PMCO Fall Split 2019 Day 2. Team SouL and Entity Gaming lose a bit of their grip, BTR solidifies its first position on the charts.

Written by Karanveer Singh Arora | Kuala Lumpur | Updated: December 3, 2019 7:45:56 pm
pubg mobile, pubg tournament PUBG Mobile Club Open (PMCO) Fall Split final’s second-day highlights. (Express Photo: Karanveer Arora)

PUBG Mobile Club Open (PMCO) Fall Split final’s second day has come to an end with Indonesia-based Bigetron RA or BTR on top. This was quite a hectic day, considering all of the players had to play more number of matches and the public had to sit for a longer duration to support their favourite teams.

The day started with a small exhibition match in the new “The Ruins” map in the Team Deathmatch mode. This match would not be considered into rankings and was simply just to show the world the new map.

PUBG Mobile Fall Split 2019 event. (Express Photo: Karanveer Arora)

After the exhibition match got over, the players got ready to start the official competition and drop into the first match, which was taking place in Erangel. During the initial stages, it was feeling as if the match will get over quite soon, as the first blood happened in under five minutes of the match starting. The game was progressing pretty well throughout, however, it seemed as if the players were not in form as most of them were making a lot of small mistakes.

Top Esports was the first team to get eliminated. Within 25 minutes, the safe zone circle was getting too small for comfort, with seven teams left. Cloud 9 managed to secure the third position in the match, with Yoodo Gank coming in at number two and Mega Esports.

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Today there was immense support for the local team Yoodo Gank, with the audience cheering them all throughout the day. This did help the team perform quite well.

PUBG Mobile Fall Split 2019 event. (Express Photo: Karanveer Arora)

The second match of the day took place in Sanhok. This time the players took a much conservative stance and for the first 10 minutes, everyone focused on getting supplies and ammunition. Even after that, when the teams started to engage, they still had a very conservative stance, with players holding back and slowly trying to kill other players.

After a few minutes, we did get to see some activity, with SouL engaging Mega Esports in a heated battle, which came to the last men from either teams. In the end, Mega managed to knock SouL and revive its players. The game lasted for around 26 minutes, with Entity Gaming gaining the third position, Bigetron RA on the second and Top Esports finally winning a chicken dinner at the first position.

PUBG Mobile Fall Split 2019 event. (Express Photo: Karanveer Arora)

For the third map, Tencent Games chose the Miramar map for the players to drop. The drop was quite even across the map, Most of the players were once again playing conservatively, with some players taking a much more aggressive stance. SouL was eliminated at the eighth position due to a major battle that transpired on a cliff between multiple teams. Entity Gaming followed SouL at number 7. This match ended with TQ at the third position, Top Esports at second and BTR at the first position.

pubg mobile, pubg tournament PMCO Fall Split 2019 Day 2: (Express Photo: Karanveer Arora)

After this, there was a break, during which the popular K-Pop singer, Henry Lau performed on stage. The public at the event went completely mad when he came on stage, especially the females. He also played the PUBG Mobile theme song on a violin, which was a nice touch to his performance.

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After the break was over, the players were ready to take on Erangel once again, with first blood taking place at 6:30. During this match, we got to see players using a lot of vehicles to perform stunts, to woo the public. The Indian teams got knocked out together, with SouL at the ninth position and Entity Gaming at the eighth. Within 25 minutes of the match, only four teams were left on the ground.

PUBG Mobile Fall Split 2019 event. (Express Photo: Karanveer Arora)

The most fun kill during the match was when the last person from Yoodo Gank was hiding out in the grass, thinking he might not be seen, getting driven over by an opponent, who did not see him. Orange Esports claimed the third spot, with Team Queso coming at the number two position and BTR claiming the first position.

Match number five of the day was being played quite conservatively in Vikendi. Even after 10 minutes had passed only one player was killed. During this match Entity Gaming got knocked out in the beginning stages, with SouL, claiming the eighth spot. This game was quite slow-paced, however, a lot of new strategies were being employed by all the teams, which was quite a good thing to see. Team Unique came third, TQ once again claimed the second spot as BTR.

pubg mobile, pubg tournament PUBG Fall Split 2019 Day 2 overall standings. (Express Photo: Karanveer Arora)

The last match of the day was played in Erangel and was much faster than all of the other matches we got to see today, with four kills in under three minutes of the match starting. An interesting strategy SouL implemented was to kill the TQ squad and retreat before ARW charged in to get the kill. BTR trying to go for their fourth consecutive win was playing quite aggressively. SouL finished seventh and Entity finished fifth. RRQ came in third, with BTR at the second place and Top Esports claiming the win.

Disclaimer: The writer is currently in Malaysia covering the PMCO Fall Split 2019 championship on the invite of PUBG Mobile.

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