PlayStation VR headset shows limited support for Xbox One, Wii U and PC: Reports

PlayStation VR headset shows limited support for Xbox One, Wii U and PC: Reports

Sony launched its PlayStation VR headset on October 13 as a gaming headset for the PS4, but it turns out that it might be supporting other consoles as well

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Sony’s VR headset might have compatibility with other gaming platforms according to some posts on Reddit

Sony’s long awaited PlayStation VR (PSVR) headset went official on October 13. The virtual reality head-mounted gaming headset has been developed to be fully functional with Sony’s latest gaming console, the PlayStation 4 (PS4). While PlayStation VR was initially considered to be compatible only with Sony’s own console, it turns out the Sony’s VR headset might have compatibility with other gaming platforms as well. According to some posts on Reddit, the gaming-centric VR headset will also work with Microsoft’s Xbox console.

With PlayStation VR, Sony PS4 users can enjoy any game on their console in a “cinematic mode” that replicates a five-meter screen in a virtual space. According to Reddit user MartinB105, the processor unit of the PlayStation VR is able to take any HDMI signal and convert it to cinematic mode. This leaves room for users to “splice the PS4 camera cable and come up with an adapter to offer PSVR support on PC. Another Reddit user velocityseven, claims to have successfully used the PSVR on his Wii U console.

Another Reddit user was able to plug the headset’s HDMI cable running on the PS4 and connected it to his Xbox One. PSVR was able to display content from the Xbox on a virtual screen in 2D. So, even though you will not be able to run virtual content on the PSVR through other consoles, it still gives some limited usability to users.

It is likely that the VR headset was able to display (in some capacity) games running on the Xbox One or the Wii U. It is important to understand that this in no way suggests that other consoles (or PCs) will be able to support virtual reality content on the PSVR. Instead, the PSVR will simply show up a 2D display floating in a VR space in front of the user. Without access to the external camera, PSVR will be unable to adjust the virtual view as the users head tilts/moves forwards or backwards/ or side to side.


Losing out on the smartphone and the computer manufacturing business, Sony has shown renewed faith in its gaming console segment. The PlayStation VR is priced at $400 (approx Rs 26,700), and is expected to boast 50 gaming titles by the year’s end. Sony last month introduced a new version of its famous PS4 consoles, and also unveiled a second PS4 console (PS4 PRO), which will be capable of playing games at 4K resolution.

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Sony has also recently announced that it will be entering the mobile gaming segment, and will be launching at least five smartphone games by March 2018 – targeting markets Japan and other Asian markets. These games will be based on games from the PlayStation space, and will be developed by Sony’s gaming arm – Forward Works.