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Sunday, March 29, 2020

Nintendo Switch: Here’s everything you need to know about this hybrid console

Nintendo had a lot to say about the Switch, including its features, price, game lineup and availability.

By: Tech Desk | Updated: January 14, 2017 12:59:42 pm
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Nintendo is coming up with its latest console, called the Nintendo Switch. The Japanese gaming company revealed new details about the console, which will rival Sony’s PlayStation 4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One home consoles.

During a live presentation from Tokyo, Nintendo had a lot to say about the Switch, including its features, price, game lineup and availability. Here’s everything we learned from Nintendo Switch presentation.

What is Nintendo Switch?

Billed as a hybrid console, Switch is a home console and a tablet that can be played on a TV or on the go. The console features a 6-inch, HD (720p) touchscreen, meaning gamers can play games outside the home. But Nintendo’s intention is also to bring you back to home so that you can play games on the big screen; and for that the Nintendo Switch Dock will allow the console to plug directly into your TV.

You can either use a separate Nintendo Switch Pro Controller or a new type of included detachable Joy-Con controllers. What makes the Switch different from other consoles is that you can remove the console from the dock at any time and resume playing on the go.

The handheld unit can be charged while you’re playing with a USB-C cable. Nintendo says you can connect up to eight Switch consoles locally via Wi-Fi.

What is the Joy-Con controllers

The Joy-Con controllers from Switch are futuristic to say the least. The tiny, detachable gamepads can be easily slotted into the main system. That means two players can easily play a game on the Switch using the Joy-Con controllers.

The futuristic controllers features a number of new technologies, including “HD rumble” that will provide precise feedback to players and an infrared motion sensor. The Joy-Con controllers will come in a variety of colours – Neon Blue and Neon Red. Nintendo also announced a Joy-Con strap that clips into the side part of each controller. It looks very similar to Wii Remote strap.

Interestingly, the right-side Joy-Con controller will include a motion IR sensor. So basically that sensor will be used to read how far an object is and it can even detect shapes. Nintendo also said the sensor is capable of telling the difference between rock and scissors. Quite impressive.

No region locking

Nintendo has been criticised for selling region locked games. However, this time around, with the Switch it looks like Nintendo has changed its strategy. The Switch will not have software region locking, Nintendo announced during a livestream presentation.

The battery backup

During today’s presentation, Nintendo confirmed that the Switch when used as a standalone device would last anywhere between 2.5 to 6.5 hours, depending upon the game.

Online service

The Switch will go on sale alongside a new online service that will be required to access online gameplay for “most games” on the console. Nintendo said the service will be out in the fall, but it will be free at launch. No pricing info has been disclosed at the moment.

More details on the games

As expected, we learned more details about all the games that will be available on the launch day and beyond. There’s “1, 2, Switch”, which appears to be a party game for the Switch. It optimally utilises the Joy-Con controllers for multiplayer experiences.

“Splatoon 2″ is a sequel to the hit “Splatoon,” a third-person shooter that was made available on the Wii U. In addition, Nintendo showed off The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild,” and a new Super Mario Odyssey game which will be in 3D.

Beyond that, EA announced EA Sports FIFA for the Nintendo Switch. Other third-party titles include: Dragon Quest X and XI/ Dragon Quest Heroes I and II , from Square Enix. Skyrim will be coming to the Switch.

Price and availability

Nintendo Switch will launch worldwide on March 3, 2017 and will cost $299.99 (or approx Rs 20,332) in the US, £279.99 (Rs 23,143) in the UK and 29,980 yen (Rs 17,830) in Japan. Gamers can pre-order Nintendo Switch in the US and Japan. Since Nintendo is not present in India, gamers here have no option but to either get the console from the US or import it.

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