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Krafton’s Battlegrounds Mobile India: Here’s what can get you permanently banned

Battlegrounds Mobile India rules, regulations: Krafton has also put out a detailed list of rules and policies, which explain what could get a player permanently banned on Battlegrounds Mobile India.

Battlegrounds Mobile India by Krafton: Here are the rules, which players need to follow.

Krafton’s Battlegrounds Mobile India was made available for downloads as part of the open beta on Google Play Store last week and has crossed 5 million downloads already. Krafton has also put out a detailed list of rules and policies, which explain what could get a player permanently banned on Battlegrounds Mobile India. Here’s a look at the rules of misconduct.

What can get you permanently banned on Battlegrounds Mobile India?

Battlegrounds Mobile India has a long list for what can you permanently banned on the platform. This time the game does require mobile OTP-based login, so if your account gets permanently banned, it could create problems. Plus starting a new account will mean losing all your previous possessions from the game.

This list of offences which will invite a permanent ban include the use, development, advertisement, trading or distributing of unauthorised programs or hardware devices, along with modification of game client, servers and game data (packet, etc) as well as exploiting any bugs or glitches in the game.
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Battlegrounds Mobile India will also hand out permanent bans for any discriminatory act such as racial and sexual discrimination. The game will also permanently ban anyone indulging in team-killing ( which is killing one’s own team member) or teaming (which is teaming up with opponent team members). Even in PUBG Mobile, these could get one banned.

Other actions which can get someone permanently banned are: stalking, publishing personal information, abusing (such as manipulating match results, etc), usage of another user’s account / restricting the usage of account (for protecting the account), abusive use of AFK (Away From Keyboard or idling), disturbing business operations (example spread false information, abuse customer service platform, impersonate oneself as an employee, create and spread rumours or conduct any other acts), abnormal gameplay, abnormal payment and subscription, abuse of open market store policies and processes and finally, trading or selling of accounts.

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What are the other bans that Battlegrounds Mobile India will hand out?

For the inappropriate use of profile photo, which is using inappropriate text or images in profile photo, use of someone else’s photo, etc, the game will hand out a 90-day ban to the player. If Krafton is investigating the use of unauthorised programs or hardware devices, then it will hand out a three-day ban to the account.

Use of inappropriate nicknames and clan names will invite a 90-day ban as well. The policy also notes that the clan name will be changed without user consent in such cases. Finally, gameplay interference comes with a 30-day ban policy.

What does Battlegrounds Mobile India say about using “Unauthorised Programs or Hardware Devices”?

According to the policy, the use of “unauthorised programs or hardware devices” can invite a permanent ban. These include devices which are “not permitted by KRAFTON that promote unfair game play.” Examples in the policy are using “specific mouse or other hardware device”, though it does not specify what this other hardware includes.

What does Krafton mean when it says don’t discriminate against others, use inappropriate nicknames?

According to the policy, “it is unacceptable to disrespect or use offensive words towards others based on their race, gender, nationality, etc.” Krafton is also discouraging players from using inappropriate nicknames. Examples of an inappropriate nickname include:

A nickname that is sexually explicit or obscene;

A nickname that is made with the intention to impersonate Krafton or their staff;

A nickname that is discriminatory in nature;

A nickname that may infringe on the trademark or copyright of a third party;

A nickname that is sensitive or causes offense for any other reason not mentioned above;

The tactic of changing a few letters of an inappropriate nickname or to construct nicknames that are cleverly inappropriate by mixing other characters before and after the letters, is also not allowed.

Krafton says the “nickname will be immediately changed without your consent and/or penalty measures will be taken.”

No Team Killing, No Teaming up, stalking other players

According to the policy, Team kill is “prohibited as it interferes with normal team gameplay and penalties may be imposed if team kill is determined to be intentional and reoccurring.” Forming teams outside what is allowed by the selected game mode is not allowed as well.

Teaming up between players or other teams in ways the “game does not presuppose in each game mode is considered an unacceptable behaviour and penalties may be imposed,” according to the policy.

More importantly, if you partner with someone who is “continuously or intentionally” using unauthorised programs or hardware devices, “measures may be taken against you, as you are considered a member of an abnormal team.” Krafton is also warning against stalking other players in order to interfere with normal gameplay.

Publishing personal information, manipulating match results

According to the policy, “penalties may be imposed if you publish information that personally identifies another (e.g. disclosing personal information of others to third parties or making it publicly available), which is regarded as an act that violates privacy.”

It warns also players against manipulating” the results of the game in an unfair way, by taking unfair advantage in exchange for cash, goods and/or services.” If you get caught, you could end up losing all acquired in-game items.

No stealing another’s account, no AFK (Away From Keyboard or idling)

Battlegrounds Mobile India is warning users against trying to gain access to another user’s account. If it detects such activity, “the user may be banned and/or access to the user’s own information and account may be restricted.”  It will also impose penalties on players who go away from keyboard (AFK) during a match.

According to the policy, “Being AFK can place your teammates at a disadvantage or otherwise undermine the gameplay experience. Players who AFK repeatedly to earn points or other account related progression or rewards will be penalised with all account progression and items removed.”

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