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GTA 6: All we know so far about the next Grand Theft Auto game

GTA 6: A female protagonist, the map of Vice City and a rumoured launch schedule - Here's everything we know about GTA 6 so far.

GTA, GTA 6, GTA 6 leaks,GTA 6 would be the first game in the series since 2013's GTA V. (Image Source: Rockstar Games)

Earlier this year, Rockstar Games confirmed that the next Grand Theft Auto title was in development, confirming a number of leaks and speculations around the awaited title.

However, details around GTA 6 remained scarce, meaning fans of the series who have been waiting for the next GTA game since 2013’s GTA V would have to continue to wait indefinitely before they knew anything about the new title.

That changed earlier this month, when leaked assets from GTA 6 spread like wildfire through the internet. The leaks included several in-game clips and code that revealed a lot about the game, including parts of the map, gameplay elements and NPC (Non-player character) mechanisms.

The leaks also confirmed a number of other leaks already out there, including the presence of a female protagonist, a first in Rockstar Games’ history. Here’s everything we now know about GTA 6.

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GTA 6: What we know so far

Following the leaked footage, Rockstar Games officially announced that GTA 6 was indeed under development but did not share information about the same.

While there is no official release date, if we take a look at Rockstar Games’ parent company Take-Two Interactive, it looks like GTA 6 will be launched sometime between April 2023 and March 2024.

Take-Two Interactive reported in a 2020 SEC filing that they will spend more than $89 million between the aforementioned time period. That said, we advise you to take information with a grain of salt since nothing is certain right now.


Also, Rockstar hasn’t made any official trailer for the game, suggesting that the development process is still in its early stages, which means it might take them a year or two.

The recently leaked gameplay videos also suggest that GTA 6 might take place in Vice City, which is a fictionalised version of the city of Miami. According to a Bloomberg report, Rockstar Games has plans to expand the game with more cities and interior locations after the launch on a regular basis. Some rumours also suggest that players will be able to travel between South America and North America.

It might also be the first time a GTA game will feature a female protagonist and a couple that closely resembles the American criminals Bonnie and Clyde. All of this is backed by the recently leaked gameplay footage. Rockstar also confirmed after the leak that the incident will not be affecting the development of the game. And with the company recently going on a hiring spree, it looks like GTA 6 development is well underway.

First published on: 24-09-2022 at 18:20 IST
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