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Five battle royale games you can play on any PC

Battle Royale Games Online: If you love the battle royale genre and are willing to overlook the graphics part of the game then there are plenty of games available that can run on low-end i3 powered systems and their AMD equivalents

battle royale games low end pcs, Rules of survival, Cyber Hunter, Survival Frenzy, Knives Out, Ride Out Heroes, Valgrave Immortal Plains, low graphics battle royale games, battle royale minimum requirements Some of these games are different from usual battle royale games like PUBG (Source: Youtube screengrab)

Not everyone owns a gaming laptop or a high-end PC to play graphics-heavy battle royale games like Call of Duty Warzone, Fortnite, Apex Legends, or even a PUBG. The games not only demand high-end processors to run but their updates take a huge chunk of your hard disk space and RAM which everyone can’t afford since work from home has become a norm for most. However, if you love the battle royale genre and are willing to overlook the graphics part of the game then there are plenty of games available that can run on low-end i3 powered systems and their AMD equivalents.

Here’s a list of games if you like to play PUBG like games or the ones with more diverse nature:


You can play Rules of Survival solo, duo, squad (four players), and fireteam (five players). Similar to PUBG, there is a waiting area and the players get dropped on the map via an airplane. There are two maps in the game – Ghillie Island and Fearless Fiord. One feature that stands out in the game that the ‘Fearless Fiord’ can have as many as 300 players which makes it pretty rare in battle royale games. If you are into casual gaming with friends.


In this game, you can play solo, duo, or four-players squad. There are two modes – Classic Mode and Six Forces Blitz. There are plenty of options for movements of players like manic velocity, climbing on any vertical surface including walls, using drones for gliding down, and others.

This game has a more sci-fi approach, unlike most battle royale games. Instead of the parachute, the player lands on a hoverboard. The vehicles in the game are different as well. You’ll come across supercars just lying around or an advanced version of jetski to navigate the waters instead of swimming. Also, the graphics look good for a low-end game.


In this game, you get dropped into the map from a chopper on a deserted island but instead of a parachute, you glide to the ground using a wingsuit. A maximum of 100 players can be a part of a single match. The gameplay of Knives Out is closer to PUBG. Those looking for something other than PUBG should look for other options.


This is one of the unique games on the list. It is not a typical shooter battle royale game but a game with different characters, weapons and abilities. You are dropped on the map in an ancient-looking aircraft. The players land on a hoverboard-like vehicle. There were five characters to choose from initially – Ragnar, Lilith, Robin, Hasan, and Tesla. Instead of vehicles, the characters use a dinosaur-like creature to travel.


The ranges, weapons, and speed differ from character to character. There is a unique battle royale feature in the game as a random sanctuary appears on the map instead of the drops where players can forge weapons, abilities, and other gear. Also, the player gets transformed into a baby dragon after getting knocked down. If the player gets resurrected if it manages to survive for 30 seconds using disguises to hide in the environment.


This battle royale game is in a league of its own. There are 10 characters in the game — Alexander The Great, Arthur, Cheng I Sao, Erik The Red, Gengis Khan, Joan D’arc, Merlin, Miyamoto Musashi, Robinhood, Shakespeare. It is not a game where you skip tutorials and then just jump into the map. Each character has their own style of play depending on spells and range of their attacks. You can even pick a character who lets his fists do the talking instead of spells.

The graphics are more Lego-like instead of making an attempt to be more realistic. Nevertheless, the graphics look superb and the game is addictive. One of the distinctive features of the game is that you can conjure up to 100,000 combinations of attacks.



Survival Frenzy deserves a mention for being one of the most fun battle royale games. You won’t find guns lying around in this game. You’ll have to use anything and everything to hit your enemies whether it’s a kitchen knife, a golf club, hammer, chair, mop, suitcase, lay an animal trap for them and whatnot. You can even light a place on fire. It’s not that the game does not have guns but you need keys to find guys that will present itself during the course of the game. Having a gun is obviously an advantage but it’s not an average shooter game where you can easily shoot someone from close range with a sniper. You win the game by being the last person alive or by boarding the helicopter which can get a bit like the ladder matches in WWE.

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NOTE: If you face lag while playing these games, turning down the graphics may help smooth your gaming experience.

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