Zook ZM-SP3200 speakers review: Music matters, not size

The Zook speakers are powerful and great for home listening.

New Delhi | Updated: January 23, 2014 11:36:01 am
Zook speakers Zoook 2.1 channel speaker ZM-SP3200 is priced at Rs 2,990.

The French techno-art revolution is here. Meet Zoook, a division of Intelligent Technologies, and a maker of eye-catching headphones, earphones and speakers. Zoook, says the company literature, was born in France, conceptualised and created by technology freaks who were artistic and creative. Recently, they launched their range of decorative products in the market and the Zoook 2.1 channel speaker ZM-SP3200, priced at R2,990, was sent for a review. Let us find out how it performs.

Digital music and smart devices have changed the way people experience music. Out of the box, the French company’s ZM-SP3200 speaker system has a classic elegant design with two satellites and a 4-inch magnetically shielded bass unit for powerful bass output, all housed in a wooden enclosure. It can be easily connected by stereo jack to any audio device—MP3 player, mobile phone, laptop or a tablet.

The SP3200 also has USB and SD/MMC ports, located on the sub-woofer to directly music from an MP3 loaded flash USB. Volume control and track selection buttons are located on sub-woofer for users to control their music and create the sound experience they desire. Equaliser functions give you output just to suit your musical mood.

In my testing, I connected the speaker to a laptop, mobile phone, iPod and a tablet. It is powerful and reproduces full, natural sound whether you are inches from the system or way across the room. It can practically transform your computer into an entertainment system or any aux-device into a sound monster.

For the size it has, audio quality is a lot better than what one would expect. The looks are definitely to die for and will make you look very stylish. Being compact and light in weight, the speaker looks neat on any background and for the ergonomics, look and feel, it gets a good nine out of ten.

A perfect replacement for large speakers—this is how I would describe ZM-SP3200.

– By Sudhir Chowdhary

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