Xolo Chromebook is now available on Snapdeal for Rs 12,999

Xolo Chromebook is now on sale on Snapdeal

Written by Shruti Dhapola | Updated: June 17, 2015 10:59:32 am
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Xolo Chromebook which is powered by Google’s Chrome OS is now available for sale on Snapdeal for Rs 12,999, although the Chromebook is currently being offered at a discount of Rs 12,480.

The Xolo Chromebook along with Spice Mobile’s Nexian Chromebook was launched last month in India. The Xolo Chromebook sports a 11.6-inch TFT display at a resolution of 1366×768 pixels. It runs on a 1.8GHz Cortex A17 Rockchip quad core processor with 2GB DDR3 RAM.

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On the storage front, it comes with 16GB internal storage which can be expanded via SD card slot. On the connectivity front, it has 2 USB 2.0 ports, an HDMI port and Bluetooth 4.0 and is powered by a 4200mAh battery. It also has a 1MP web cam.

In our review, we had noted that the Xolo Chromebook’s biggest advantage is that it is really light and weighs just 1.15 kg. The matte finish screen is quite good and you can read and watch videos even when you keep the brightness level at half.

For users who live in the the Google Universe, the Chromebook is perfect. It starts up pretty fast, there is virtually no lag, no worries of app freezing. We also managed to get 3G dongle to run with the Google Xolo Chromebook and it worked just fine, although we could not much data was consumed.

While there is only 16 GB space, users can easily connect a hard drive and watch movies, play music, etc. While the Chromebook does not support all formats, all VLC supported files played easily.

Unfortunately the biggest concern with Chromebooks is that in India getting constant Internet connectivity is not always possible.  However Google docs and Gmail Offline are two apps that are very helpful once you’ve synced them properly. Read our full review here.

Watch video below: (App users click here for preview video)

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