Timex Metropolitan+, an analog watch plus fitness tracker launched

Timex today launched the Metropolitan+, an analog watch with fitness tracking capabilities, priced at Rs 9995.

Written by Shruti Dhapola | Published: February 23, 2016 4:39:55 pm
Timex Metropolitan+, Timex Metropolitan+ specs, Timex, Timex Smartwatch, Timex new watch, Timex activity tracker, Timex India, technology, technology news Timex Metropolitan+, which is aimed at men, will initially be available only on Amazon India.

Timex today launched the Metropolitan+, an analog watch with fitness tracking capabilities, priced at Rs 9995. Timex Metropolitan+, aimed at men, will initially be available only on Amazon India.

“We’ve married the fitness tracking element with the beauty and design of the analog smartwatch. Lot of consumers wanted a regular watch, but with the benefits of a smartwatch and that’s what we built with Metropolitan+,” said Anupam Mathur, Head – Sales and Marketing, Timex Group India Limited in an interaction with Indianexpress.com

The Metropolitan+ has a regular analog display, offers a one-and-a-half year battery life. On the smart bit, the watch also reflects what percentage of an activity goal has been fulfilled by a user. The goal can either be in distance or steps taken daily, and it also calculates calories burnt.

Timex says the watch is waterproof, and users can go swimming with it. The watch also has an Indiglo Night Light, and Timex has created its own app which reflects the fitness data collected by the watch. The watch can measure a maximum of 15,000 steps in one go.

The Metropolitan+ will debut in two styles; a silver-tone case with a black dial with red accents and a textured leather strap and a black case version with a black dial and orange accents. The watch will come with interchangeable black silicone and orange nylon straps.

Timex says that their watch takes away the battery pain point that exists with a lot of smartwatches or fitness trackers, given that Metropolitan+ does not require regular charging.

“We saw unprecedented growth with our earlier health trackers, which we launched in 2015. We saw 25 per cent of the inventory get sold out within eight days of launch. This is our fourth watch in the evolution and we’ve circled back to the form factor. We feel a lot of people in India are not buying plastic watches, they want a regular watch, with some smartness built in it,” says Mathur. He says that on the wearables side, the company has sold around 15,000-20,000 of these fitness trackers.

“Look it’s still very early days for the wearable market in India. With handset prices coming down, activity trackers will be the bulk of the sale in the next big push. It makes sense to people because of the price-point. From a growth point of view, it will be around 50 per cent every year in this segment,” he added.

On the rise of competition in the watch space with more and more smartwatches coming in, especially from established players, Mathur says he sees that as a good thing as it will open up the market even more.

“In India, if you look at the analog watch market, that’s around 15 per cent, which compared to the 1.2 billion population is nothing. People having more than one watch are around 6 per cent. So from a penetration point of view, the market is really huge. With smartwatches, players who are handset manufacturers will come into the space, and will help us also expand in the market and reach out to the end consumer,” says Mathur.

Timex is confident that their vast service centre network will also help them stand out from the competition. According to Mathur, while newer players have come in India offering a host of features with their smartwatches, after sales service is an issue. “We’ve been around for long, so our service is more than ready to deal with any issues your watch might have,” he says.

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