This wearable AC from Sony is lighter, smaller than your phone

This wearable AC from Sony is lighter, smaller than your phone

Sony has launched a crowdfunded project called Reon Pocket, which is a pocket-sized AC.

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The Reon Pocket by Sony comes with a special under-shirt and is based on thermoelectric cooling technology.

Sony has made a new kind of AC which can be worn with clothes. The device which is termed as Reon Pocket is paired via Bluetooth 5.0 and releases thermoelectric cooling. The pocket device also comes with a special under-shirt.

The Reon Pocket works with the help of a rechargeable battery which can last up to 24 hours after being charged for two hours with the help of type C charger. The device is lightweight, weighing just 85 grams and is smaller than smartphones.

The device is compatible with both iOS as well as Android devices. the user needs to connect the device with an app and set the cooling temperature and the device automatically starts colling after that.

The device is available in two variants namely the Reon Pocket Standard and Reon Pocket Lite. The Pocket Lite is cheaper of the two however, it only comes with a manual mode operation.


The Pocket Standard on the other hand, not only lets the user manually control the temperature through the smartphone, but a future update will allow automatic mode as well. The standard version also lets the user adjust the air volume.

The Japanese technology giant said that it has conducted hundreds of hundreds of simulations for the Reon Pocket and on hot days the device can cool the body temperature of the user by 13-degrees Celcius while on cold days it can even raise the body temperature by around 8-degrees Celcius.

The company said that it has used the Peltier effect for this pocket AC which is generally used in car and wine coolers. The product page of Reon Pocket also informs that it is a crowdfunded project and is currently limited only in Japan. So far the project has fetched 33,080,850 yen (approximately Rs 20,970,281) which is around 50 per cent of the goal amount of 66,000,000 yen (approximately Rs 41,838,060)with 23 days left.

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The price of the Reon Pocket ranges from 12,760 yen (approximately Rs 8,091) to 19,030 yen (approximately Rs 12067), on the basis of the version which is bought and how many undershirts are bought along with it. The undershirt is available in S/M/L sizes and comes with a special pocket at the back for the device.