Strontium announces Nitro iDrive microSD card reader and iDrive 3.0 OTG for iOS devices

Strontium announces Nitro iDrive microSD card reader and iDrive 3.0 OTG for iOS devices

Strontium joins SanDisk and Leef with its latest iOS expandable storage option for iOS devices running iOS 8 or later

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Strontium has announced new expandable storage option for Apple’s iOS devices which also includes microSD card reader (Source: Strontium)

Strontium is the latest to join the growing list of storage providers making expandable storage for Apple’s iOS devices. With iPhone 7 and new iPhone 6s, Apple may have made 32GB storage standard but the older iPhones and iPads still start at 16GB.

With Leef iBridge and SanDisk iExpand Drive, there is a wide choice of expandable storage for iPhone users and Strontium’s offering is different in its own way. First, Strontium is not offering a USB plug and play device rather it is a memory card reader. With Strontium’s newly announced Nitro iDrive microSD card reader, iOS users can simply turn any memory card into an expandable storage. The significant advantage here being that microSD card can be used with other gadgets also.

Strontium Nitro iDrive microSD card reader features lightning port at one end and a standard slot for microSD cards at the other. It simply brings the traditional card reader to mobile industry.

Strontium is also introducing Nitro iDrive 3.0 OTG drive for iOS devices. The Nitro iDrive 3.0 OTG drive features a lightning port at one end and standard USB port at the other. The expandable storage is meant for convenient data transfer between iOS and other devices.


“We always want to make the mobile storage flexible and hassle free for our users who can capture tons of photos, store music and other data without worrying. With our new iDrive card reader, it gives an immediate boost to the storage space in your iOS devices i.e. iPhone, iPod and iPad and make you stress free about how and where to transfer the data,” said Vivian Singh, President & CEO, Strontium Technology Pte Ltd.

Strontium is claiming a read speed of 85Mbps and is compatible with iDevices running iOS 8 and higher. The storage device needs i-FlashDrive One App for accessing the internal data. Strontium is promising two years warranty with the storage option.

Strontium Nitro iDrive 3.0 OTG is available at a starting price of Rs 2,695 and will be available in 16GB, 32GB, 64GB and 128GB storage variants.