Samsung’s The Sero is a vertical TV aimed at Instagram generation

Samsung’s The Sero is a vertical TV aimed at Instagram generation

Samsung is making a $16,000 vertical TV for Instagram-addicted millennials. The 43-inch TV will go on sale in South Korea next month.

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Samsung’s The Sero has a rotating display for vertical videos. (Image credit: Samsung)

Samsung wants to sell a $16,000 TV to ultra-rich millennials who want to watch vertical videos from their phones on to a larger screen. It’s called ‘The Sero’ (meaning vertical in Korean), and it comes with a 43-inch QLED screen.

Samsung says “The Sero” supports vertical screen optimized for mobile contents. Simply put, the Sero can swivel from a horizontal to a vertical position, allowing users to watch the TV in a similar fashion as they do consume viral videos on apps like TikTok on a smartphone.

It may seem like a wacky idea, but it makes a lot of sense. Be it TikTok, Snapchat or Instagram, most video content available on these platforms are shot vertically. With most mobile users consuming content vertically, it’s no wonder that all TVs in the future will have a vertical display.

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The Sero isn’t vertical all the time. Since the 43-inch TV is mounted on a rotating stand, it allows you to swing it back from landscape to portrait.

Other than its rotating display, the vertical TV has a 60-watt speaker, which Samsung says should be good enough to play various online music services or casting music from a smartphone. The TV also has a built-in Bixby voice-assistant. Plus, the 43-inch TV has NFC functionality and an ambient mode that can display images, photos, clock when the screen is not in use.

“The Sero” will be going on sale in South Korea at the end of next month for an estimated 18.9 million won (or approx $16,000). No word yet on its availability outside of South Korea.