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Quick-read review: Portronics’ ultra-portable speaker Cubix

This ultra-portable speaker is a Duracell Bunny. The party never stops with this in your pocket.

cubix This ultra-portable speaker is a Duracell Bunny. The party never stops with this in your pocket.

If I were to blindfold you and place the Cubix in your outstretched palm there is a chance that you might mistake it for an empty box.

When you slowly run your fingers over it, trying to figure out what you are holding, you would notice a perforated design covering the top. Overcome by curiosity, you would slide your index finger over the rounded corners and stumble on to a rubber-coated semi-dial. If you press on further, you would hear the faint click of the dial turning to a full 90 degrees and no further.

Unsatisfied, you would examine the other corners. With your finger assuming the role of an eye, you would see strange markings etched on to one side of the box. Wary of this alien contraption that you are holding you would, in all probability, pull off your blindfold and hazard a guess that you are holding a portable radio.

Close enough, but not true. The Cubix is the latest ultra-portable Aux speaker to come from the Portonics fabled stable.

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In appearance it might bear semblance to the Tesseract, a cube of unimaginable powers, from the lands of Asgard. In reality, it is a cube that is light in weight (empty box) and heavy in performance. The perforated design on the front masks the speaker. And the rubber-coated semi-dial is the power switch that also backs up as a volume control. Its rear flap hides the Aux cable, which coils around the skeleton of the speaker and battery. You can pull out the coil and close the flap before use.

I have put the Cubix to the test by playing everything under the sun from John Frusciante’s soft solos to Mark Tremonti’s heavy riffs. And it did not disappoint. It perfectly balances the bass with the vocals and increases the treble when the chorus kicks in.

However, even the best of songs can give you heartburn when you turn up the volume. It vibrates like a boom box playing a crappy track of a washed out artist. In all fairness, this is something that we anticipated from a speaker priced at Rs 1,299.


Perhaps if I told you that you can snap your fingers and tap your feet for five hours straight then it might soothe your apprehensions, if any, against the Cubix. This ultra-portable speaker is a Duracell Bunny. The party never stops with this in your pocket.


First published on: 06-06-2014 at 10:59 IST
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