Panasonic HD5 and BTD5 headphones launched in India

Panasonic HD5 hi-res headphone and BTD5 bluetooth headphone launched at Rs 9,490 and Rs 6,490 respectively

By: Tech Desk | Updated: February 1, 2016 2:51:22 pm
Panasonic has launched hi-res HD5 and bluetooth and NFC based BTD5 headphones in India Panasonic has launched hi-res HD5 and bluetooth and NFC based BTD5 headphones in India

Panasonic India has launched two new headphones in India. The Panasonic HD5 is a hi-res headphone while BTD5 is a bluetooth headphone.

The new Panasonic HD5 features 40mm HD audio driver unit which delivers high-resolution audio. The audio drivers are capable of reproducing even subtle details of one single instrument. The model features proprietary Horizontal Slide Ajustment technique that allows users to shift drivers’ position horizontally to suit individual ears.

The other headphone, BTD5 is a bluetooth headphone which comes with NFC technology for convenient connectivity and clear sound. The Panasonic BTD5 headphones also come with 40mm neodymium drivers and its Li-Ion battery can deliver music playback for up to 40 hours in high -quality.

“Panasonic India is known for its varied range of headphones for every lifestyle from high-end audiophiles to fashion-conscious, active and fitness-focused consumers who want quality audio products everywhere they go. Owing to the growing demand for wireless headphones for an active world, Panasonic has introduction the Bluetooth headphones BTD5. Both the new models HD5 and BTD5 are the best bet for headphones with clear and dynamic bass sound and a great design,” said Gaurav Ghavri, Product Head, Panasonic India.

The bluetooth-based BTD5 headphone comes with a built-in mic and has touch controls for navigation. The touch controls are designed into the ear pad housings which makes it easier for any user to turn bluetooth on or off, change tracks or adjust volume.

The Panasonic HD5 hi-res headphone is priced at Rs 9,490 while BTD5 bluetooth headphone will retail for Rs 6,490.

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