Nude Audio L review: Affordable, full-range Bleutooth speaker that can go anywhere

Nude Audio L review: Affordable, full-range Bleutooth speaker that can go anywhere

It has two range drivers and a subwoofer, battery backup for up to eight hours and Bluetooth 3.0.

Nude Audio L has an MRP on Rs 7,399

There are now hundreds of Bluetooth speakers to choose from depending on your style, budget and other requirements. The latest to land on our test bench is the ‘L’ from Nude Audio. Yes, the company has a strange name, but their products are quite popular in many parts of the world.

To start with, I have no clue why this oblong, rubbery finished piece of speaker is called ‘L’. But I have to confess that this is one of the best build Bluetooth speakers I have seen in a while, and I have seen a few. A wide rubber band runs around the speaker, protecting it from bumps and scratches. Both the front and rear are all speaker, with the limited ports on the left side. There is a shoelace-like strap on the side in case you want to carry this one around. Actually, the L is quite portable due to its weight and shape.

Setup is as simple as it can be. Switch the speaker on and it becomes visible on your smartphone, tablet or laptop and all you have to do is click and pair. There is a Bluetooth button just in case you need some extra help. The only other buttons here are for volume. The device gives you the option to connect using a 3.5mm cable, but it is not provided in the box – that would have defeated the very purpose of a wireless speaker.

The audio quality is quite good, though it seems to a bit partial to base. It is really good for those who would like to play Holly Cole’s Temptation, but if you want to play a Joe Satriani the audio might feel a bit flat. But then a whole lot of people like their music with a liberal dose of bass. The L has two range drivers and a subwoofer that faces towards the rear.


Together they are able to recreate the entire range of your regular music repertoire. The more discerning music lover might not be all that impressed, but then he wouldn’t buy a $99 speaker. The other small grouse that I have is that for a wireless speaker it does not control volume on the source device.

The L has a battery backup for up to eight hours, which makes it a good option to have for those who are inclined to take their music outdoors. The entire build quality sort of enables the outdoor use of this device. The Bluetooth 3.0 has a range of about 10 metres, but tends to fail as the battery is nearing the fag end.

Should you buy it: Overall, the Nude Audio L is a good option for those who want a full range Bluetooth speaker, but does not want to spend in the region of a music system. The L is quite affordable at Rs 7,399, though we feel it is a substantial markup given its international price of $99. Buy it you want a portable speaker that recreates full bodied music.