Meet Wove, a smartband with a flexible display

Meet Wove, a smartband with a flexible display

Wove is a smartband with a flexible display from Polyera, promises to take the wearable idea to an all new level.

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Wove by Polyera is a flexible smart-band with an E-Ink display.

As smartwatches and wearables become the next buzzword in the mobile computing revolution, Wove from Polyera stands out in the crowd. Why? The smartband comes with a flexible display, that you can just wrap around your wrist.

Polyera is a ten-year-old firm (founded in 2005) which been working on flexible electronics since its inception. According to their about page, the company is “on a mission to bring next-generation flexible electronics to the world.”  With Wove, they are creating a smart-wearable with a flexible screen, which is a first.


Wove features an e-Ink display (similar to the technology used in Kindle) (1040px200px) with a capacitive multi-touch screen, a 1Ghz Dual-core processor, Bluetoot 4.0, 4GB Storage with 512MB RAM and a 230 mAh battery. It runs Wove OS based on Android 5.1.

According to a report on TechCrunch Polyera co-founder Phil Inagaki, came up the idea for Wove around “two and a half years ago.” The report adds that the “band is made possible by Polyera’s patented digital fabric technology.”

The Wove OS is open to developers to create apps for the device. Wove is expected to launch in 2016.