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Saturday, February 29, 2020

Kingston MobileLite Wireless review: A good to have accessory

For professionals, who need to access storage units on-the-go, the Kingston MobileLite Wireless is a good option but everyone may not find spending Rs. 4,495 worthwhile.

Written by Debashis Sarkar | New Delhi | Published: September 12, 2014 7:19:22 pm
Kingston Mobilelite Wireless review For professionals, who need to access storage units on-the-go, the Kingston MobileLite Wireless is a good option but everyone may not find spending Rs. 4,495 worthwhile.

Nearly all smartphones and tablet PCs come with USB OTG support, which helps us to access data on flash drives and portable hard drives. The major issue with USB OTG cable connection is that the user has to carry the weight of the storage device. Also, the storage unit keeps on dangling down the micro-USB port of the smartphone or tablet- which is irritating.

Limited storage capacity is another issue synonymous with all smartphones and tablets. So, if you are looking for a device to boost your storage capacity or something that will allow you to access your hard drive, flash drive or SD card from your smartphone or tablet wirelessly without connecting to any computer then this review might interest you.

Device: Kingston Digital MobileLite wireless flash reader comes with a USB port and a SD card slot. You can either connect a pen drive or a portable hard drive and a SD card (mircoSD cards are also supported through adapter) and access content wirelessly through the MobileLite application (available for free) on your Android or iOS device. It supports SD, SDHC and SDXC cards.

Three users can connect to the device simultaneous. Which means, the same memory card, hard drive or pen drive can be used by three users at a time to play different content on three different devices.

It also doubles up as a power bank for emergency power requirement. MobileLite doesn’t have any built-in storage space.

The mission of Kingston Digital MobileLite wireless flash reader is to make additional storage units like portable hard drives, pen drives and memory cards a part of our daily lives on-the-go. So, let’s see if it could impress us or not.

Price: Rs. 4,495 (At

Kingston MobileLite Wireless review

Design: The Kingston MobileLite Wireless is simple looking, surprisingly light device and easily fits inside trouser pockets. It offers one microSD card slot, one regular USB port and one micro USB port for charging. There is one physical button along with three LED lights. To turn on the device, users will have to just press the button once and on long pressing the button, the WiFi connection is established.

Accessibility: Users will need to download the MobileLite app on their smartphone. Attach the storage unit to the reader and long press the power button to get a static blue light on the device. On the smartphone, activate WiFi and find the device and enter a password. The content can then be accessed via the MobileLite app.

Performance: The card reader does a decent job. I did not witness any lags while streaming a HD movie or any large file. Users can cut/copy and paste files from one storage unit to another and into their phone’s memory or external storage. The range of the device is pretty decent. However, remember, if you are using WiFi to view a movie on your smartphone, then it sucks up a lot of battery. To cater to this problem, the device also doubles up as power bank. But when three devices are connected to it via WiFi, the battery of  MobileLite is simply asked to out perform.

While using the Kingston MobileLite Wireless, remember, that you are already connected to a WiFi network, so, if you want to share content to social media sites directly from your storage then you will have to copy the file, disconnect the Kingston MobileLite Wireless and then use WiFi to access social media sites or you can do it through your mobile Internet connection..

The device heats up very fast. However, this doesn’t affect regular performance.

One interesting issue which I noticed while using the card reader by connecting it to the wall socket for charging was that the device got switched off on its own when power supply resumed after a short power cut.

Overall, there is no serious issue with the performance.

Battery life: The battery life of the device depends on usage. If you are using it watch movies, then the battery life is of course less. However, for basic file operation and a bit of multimedia, the battery life is decent. Kingston MobileLite Wireless is not primarily a power bank, it can just deliver enough juice during crisis. So, don’t think of replacing it with a power bank.

Verdict: Kingston MobileLite Wireless is a good to have accessory for sure. However, buy it if you use USB OTG very often or if you are running short of memory on your smartphone or tablet. For professionals, who need to access storage units on-the-go, the Kingston MobileLite Wireless is a good option but everyone may not find spending Rs. 4,495 worthwhile. Kingston could have added more value to the device, by adding a microSD card slot and an extra USB port along with some amount of storage.

Are you using the Kingston MobileLite Wireless reader? If yes, please feel free to share your experience at the comments section below. Also, if you know about a better alternative please let our readers know.

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