Google is working on its own Android Wear smartwatch: Report

Google is working on its own Android Wear smartwatch: Report

Unlike Apple - with the Apple Watch, Google doesn't have a smartwatch of its own yet

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Google smartwatch features can be changed or cancelled altogether until officially announced

Google is currently working on two Android Wear devices – possibly Nexus branded, reports AndroidPolice. The watches might be released some time after the launch of the next Nexus phones, claims the report.

The larger watch in Google’s Android Wear will feature LTE, GPS and a heart-rate sensor. The smaller watch won’t have GPS and mobile data support. Both watches are claimed to feature full circular displays.

The larger device is code-named Angelfish, and will have a 43.5mm dial and will come matte dark finish “titanium” colour, adds the report.


The smaller of the devices is code-named Swordfish, and will feature a single button centered on the right side of the watch. Swordfish will be smaller and thinner than the Angelfish with a 42mm diameter and 10.6mm thickness.


Unlike Apple – with the Apple Watch, Google doesn’t have a smartwatch of its own yet. However, a lot of Android Wear powered smartwatches are already available in the market like – LG Watch Urbane, Motorola Moto 360, Samsung Gear S2.

Reports are also claiming Google could manufacture its own Nexus smartphones soon, although this year HTC is expected to be the OEM partner for Nexus phones.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai had said the company plans to add more innovation on the software side of things and will continue to partner with OEMs on the Nexus phones. But a recent report based on senior executive sources in Google said, the company is in talks with mobile operators about a Google-branded phone, and the company was annoyed over the perception that only Apple’s iPhones were viewed as premium devices.

It is not clear if these Google-brand phones will be launched this year.