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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Asus G751J gaming laptop review: Forget the high-cost, this will blow away a true-gamer

Asus G751J is designed to ensure a smooth experience, even when you are overclocking the GPU to the fullest.

Written by Shayak Majumder | New Delhi | Published: April 17, 2015 5:48:12 pm
Asus, Asus G751J, Asus G751J specs, Asus G751J gaming laptop, Asus G751J review, Asus G751J gami ng laptop review Asus G751J is designed to ensure a smooth experience, even when you are overclocking the GPU to the fullest.Asus

We have come a long way from 8-bit games. Back then, Mario or even the Prince of Persia jumping over obstacles in pixelated 3D environments was good enough to leave us drooling. Now, gamers swear by ultra HD graphics, 4K displays and more.

The latest Asus offering in its Republic Of Gamers (ROG) series of gaming laptops is here to play an important role. Asus G751J is the first laptop available in the market which supports 4K gaming. It boasts of top-of-the-line hardware and industry-best configurations, but does it make the cut?

We have tested it, pushed it to the limits and we must admit it’s built to satisfy die-hard gamers. While the list of pros is long, there are a few cons that we could spot. Here’s our verdict on the laptop.

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Display: To 4k or not to 4K, that is the question

As we said earlier, Asus G751J is the only laptop which lets you play your high-end games in 4K resolution. Sadly, what comes as a dampener is the fact that it doesn’t come with a 4K display itself. You can only play games in 4K resolution when you plug the laptop to a 4K television or a 4K gaming monitor.

Even then, the games start lagging when you notch up the settings to High or Ultra. It is able to pull off most games (like Far Cry 4) in 4K graphics, only in low or medium settings and that is simply not enough to satisfy hard-core gamers.

Although, when you play the games on the laptop screen, with the original 1920×1080 (1080p) resolution, G751J blows you away. The system comes with a 17.3-inch IPS display, which means you get sharp images, even when you sit at odd angles anywhere around the display. This makes playing the 2-player FIFA with your friend on the same screen incredibly fun. Also, the top-of-the-line GPU and RAM allows you to play almost all games in Ultra or High settings. More on that later.

Asus G751J comes with a matte screen, which is specifically designed for gaming. It doesn’t matter if you are sitting in a dark room or sunny outdoors, the crystal clear display will give sharp-shooter like precision that you will need, especially for First Person Shooters like Sniper Elite or Battlefield.

Design: Not meant for gaming-on-the-go

While designing the G751J, it seems like Asus had only one mantra – Don’t compromise on the quality of gaming. It resulted in a hulk of a laptop that weighs well above 3.5 kilos. One look at the Asus G751J and you know that this one is not meant for casual gamers. It doesn’t fit on your lap, and it takes up a lot of space when you set it up on your desk. If you are looking for a lighter gaming laptop, you may prefer picking one of the Razer or MSI offerings; however, you will be seriously compromising with the GPU power and, ultimately, the gaming quality.

The G751J looks like a beast of a machine. The matte-black body design is interrupted by a brushed metal finishing on the top flap, which features a backlit Asus ROG logo. On the rear end of the laptop are two fan vents, which nicely accentuate the edgy design.

Open the flap and you will come across a luminous backlit keyboard. Gamers will instantly rejoice to see the essential W, A, S, D keys highlighted by red light shafts. The spacebar also is slightly extended on the left, making smashing the key with your left thumb while playing slightly easier. The mousepad rests on a broad palm rest. Unlike other modern laptops, Asus has kept the left and right click buttons on the pad itself. It’s quite evident that the design is inspired from Alienware gaming laptops. But the machine looks so ruggedly beautiful, we can’t complain.

The keyboard comes with shortcut gaming buttons, like the Steam or the ShadowPlay button. The steam button opens the Steam access directly (if installed in the system), where you can download and access all the latest games easily. Next to the Steam button, there is a button with a Video icon on it. This opens up the Nvidia Experience software package and the ShadowPlay, which enables you to record your games, much like Twitch. This will come in handy for all YouTube bloggers out there.

One of G751J’s major drawbacks is the positioning of the speakers. The small speakers are located right at the bottom, so the sound often gets muffled when you place the laptop on a table or bed. You need to have gaming headphones to truly enjoy the experience. Sadly, a gaming laptop without proper speakers is a serious let-down.

Performance: A beast under the hood

GPU SPECSThis is the ground where Asus G751J leaves all its competition behind. Asus ensured the ROG gamer got the best, no expenses spared. The G751J comes with Intel Core i7 4940 MX processor, along with an impressive Nvidia GeForce GTX 860M GPU. But what will truly stuns users is the 24 GB RAM that comes inbuilt with the machine. You can upgrade it up 32 GB, if you please. The solid configuration makes playing high end games on the G751J feel like a dream.

With all that horsepower, the G751J dares you to push it to the limits. You want to open two ultra HD games at the same time and switch in between to see if the game lags? We did. You want to immerse yourself in wide-world RPGs for hours on end and then check if the machine is overheating? We did. Needless to say, the G751J passed with flying colours. Multi-tasking on this machine is as easy and lagless as one can imagine.

Even after hours of gaming, the CPU and laptop body temperature doesn’t run high, thanks to the huge fan vents and superior cooling system. The G751J is designed to ensure a smooth experience, even when you are overclocking the GPU to the fullest. So, it doesn’t matter if you are playing Fifa 15 or GTA V, you can be sure that G751J will deliver the best graphics the game engine has to offer.


Asus G751J has a lot of positives. So many that it easily overshadows the cons. But, when you have to dish out a whopping Rs 1.3 lakhs for the laptop, you can’t help but wish you receive the best of everything. We wish that the GPU could have been Nvidia GeForce 980 M, the inbuilt monitor supported 4K, and the speakers were a little better.

Although, we admit that when you turn on the system, install a game and see the CPU automatically select Ultra High settings for your game, as per the benchmark test – that is an amazing feeling only a gamer can understand. And it’s worth every penny.

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