Apple Watch to have MicroLED displays in 2020, says new report

Apple Watch to have MicroLED displays in 2020, says new report

Apple Watch to get MicroLEDs display by 2020, indicates a new report. These displays could go a long way in improving the overall battery life for Apple Watch.

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Apple Watch in 2020 could have a MicroLED display, according to a new report.

Apple Watch in 2020 could come with a MicroLED display, instead of the current OLED panels, which would result in a thinner device with a brighter screen and better battery life. The latest report around Apple going the MicroLED route for its watches comes from China-based Economic Daily News, which states that the company will work with Taiwanese display manufacturers for these MicroLED displays.

Previously a Bloomberg report had said that Apple was working on designing and producing its own MicroLED displays and that it was using a secret manufacturing facility near its California headquarters for testing out the screens in small numbers.

The latest report from Economic Daily News, claims Apple is working with two Taiwanese companies, Yuchuang and Sic Bo. While, the MicroLED chips will be provided by Yuchuang, Sic Bo will assemble these into a display module. The report claims the new screens will launch by 2020 and end the LG display monopoly for Apple’s smartwatches.

The Bloomberg report had indicated that the Apple Watch would get MicroLED by 2020, though for iPhones it would be a longer wait. This is not the first time that rumours have talked about Apple using the newer displays on smartwatches. In 2018, a DigiTimes report  had indicated that Apple was working with Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) for MicroLED panels for smaller and larger panels.


With MicroLED screens, they rely on different light-emitting compounds than the current generation of OLED displays. MicroLED screens can also ensure better battery life, which would be crucial for the Apple Watch going forward. Apple’s watchOS 6 also brings capabilities where the watch can function without relying the iPhone and in such cases battery life needs to improve drastically. By using a power efficient screen, Apple could improve on this feature.

It was also reported earlier this year by Bloomberg that Apple is testing a sleep monitor for a future version of the Apple Watch. The feature will come to the Watch by 2020, if successful, according to the report. Right now, users have to rely on third-party apps for tracking their sleep on the Apple Watch. Another report also talked about how Apple Watch could support a glucose monitoring device  which could help in tracking diabetes.