Acer K335 projector review: This is for those on the move

Acer K335 projector review: This is for those on the move

We recommend the K335 for people who need a projector on the move, not so much to watch a movie at home

The Acer K335 is priced at Rs 74,709
The Acer K335 is priced at Rs 74,709

Projectors are becoming smaller, durable and affordable. This shift is good enough for you to start considering the projector as a replacement for large screen televisions, provided you have rooms and walls that are large enough to make this work. But projectors are still used more by the enterprise segment, often on the move. That is why we decided to check out the Acer K335 travel projector.

At first sight the K335 is a very compact projector. It is not as small as pico projectors, but is not much bigger than a hardbound dictionary and weighs just 1.3 kg. So you can easily carry it around in a carry bag.

The top of the projector houses the controls, while all the ports are at the back. The K335 offers you multiple source options including a card reader, HDMI port, VGA, USB and micro-USB as well as a video in. The projector can read popular video formats out of the SD card or a USB drive that has been plugged in. It can also show pictures, play songs and open documents. So you don’t need a computer to project files using this device, a pen drive or SD card will do.


All that is convenient. But I would have loved for the entire menu to be much more easier to operate. Now, it is not all that intuitive and selecting sources often takes more than two attempts. You naturally end up clicking the large button in the middle of the controls and the remote to select a source, but that does not help you much. Select is a different button in both options. There is a Wi-Fi option in the menu, but I could not even select its settings.


The K335 has a 1000 Lumens lamp that is bright enough for most uses and brighter than most projectors this size. The lamp is definitely the USP of this one. However, it might not be up to the task when you cannot control the light in a room. In a bright room you can try and up the brightness of the projector, but this feature might not be enough.

I found that the ideal distance for the best picture with this projector is about 5 feet. At this distance you have the best clarity for the 1280 x 800p native resolution. The K335 is good when the projector is just 3 feet away, but for showing still images and documents. You don’t want a small video screen with a projector lying around. There is no FullHD resolution that can be a problem for those who want to buy this just for home entertainment purposes.


The contrast is good and the image has good clarity as long as you are playing it on a white surface. Like some top-end projectors these days, the K335 is equipped to project on to any coloured surface and can change its tone accordingly. This projector is also extremely silent and absolutely cool. Both great features for a compact projector.

There is 3D too, but for that you need a supported device with the DLP link. Similarly, the wireless mode that lets you access the projector from smart devices using an app also need an extra adapter to work. We could not test both the features above.

We recommend the K335 for people who need a projector on the move, not so much to watch a movie at home. For that we suggest you buy something 1080p projection. For everything else, the K335 seems like a good option.

Rs 74,709