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WWE TLC 2018 Highlights: Daniel Bryan retains WWE Championship, Asuka wins SmackDown Women’s title

WWE TLC 2018 Highlights: A number of titles will be on the line, including the coveted WWE Championship and other titles including the Smackdown Women’s Championship, intercontinental championship and tag-team titles.

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WWE TLC 2018 Highlights: Daniel Bryan retained his WWE Championship. (Source: WWE)

WWE TLC 2018 Highlights: The stage is set for the final pay-per-view of the year from WWE. TLC: Tables, Ladders and Chairs. It is being held in San Jose, California in the USA. It will feature 12 matches, several of these to be fought using the aforementioned equipment.

A number of titles will be on the line, including the coveted WWE Championship and other titles including the Smackdown Women’s Championship, intercontinental championship and tag-team titles. Most of the eyes will be on the biggies: AJ Styles vs Daniel Bryan for the WWE Championship, Nia Jax vs Ronda Rousey for WWE RAW Women’s Championship match, Dean Ambrose vs Seth Rollins for WWE Intercontinental Championship match.

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WWE TLC, WWE Tables Ladders and Chairs: Highlights

Asuka wins SmackDown Women's Championship

Ronda Rousey walks out to the ring and sends Lynch and Flair flying outside the ring! Asuka climbs the ladder and wins the SmackDown Women's Championship. What a remarkable TLC match. Broken hearts, broken bodies but history made once again. Tonight the Empress of Tomorrow takes the throne! 

Evolution revisited

Becky Lynch sets up the ladder outside the ring. She goes on top of it and in a reminiscence of Evolution Lynch flies through the air and into the Commentarotrs table where Charlotte Flair was lying. Lynch's bodyweight went right through flair's ribs. Utter Mayhem around the ring!

SmackDown Women's Championship

Up Next: First women's TLC match for the SmackDown Women's Championship- Becky Lynch vs Charlotte Flair vs Asuka. No count outs, no submissions, anything goes

Dean Ambrose is the new Intercontinental Champion

Dean Ambrose brings the mind games into play and offers a Shield fistbump right in the middle of the match. Rollins' emotions getting the best of them and he pays the ultimate price. Dirty Deeds out of nowhere and Dean Ambrose is the new Intercontinental Champion

Suicide Dive

Dean Ambrose puts Rollins in a submission to wear him down. He then hits a  swinging neck breaker but cannot get the count. In a desperate attempt, he makes a suicide dive.


Truly! How time flies!

Seth Rollins vs Dean Ambrose

Intercontinental Championship on the line: Seth Rollins vs Dean Ambrose. This match is all about emotions. rollins needs to forget he is facing his shield brother with so much at stake. but Dean has always had his number.both of these men two-time intercontinental champion

Daniel Bryan retains his WWE Championship

AJ rolls Bryan up and Daniel reverses for a three-count! Daniel Bryan beats AJ Styles to retain his WWE Championship. Valiant effort by the challenger but today fate was on the side of Bryan. So much disappointment for him. Bryan's title reign continues.

Styles locks in the calfcrusher

AJ Styles has locked in the calfcrusher right in the middle of the ring. Twice Bryan tries to get to the ropes and twice he fails. Will Bryan tap? No he somehows rolls Styles over and survives. 

Yes Kicks!

Bryan unleashes his Yes Kicks and Styles falls to the outside. This is great work by the WWE Champion. But just as Bryan was getting momentum on his side, Styles counters with a thunderous clothesline

Daniel Bryan vs AJ Styles for WWE Championship

Up Next: Daniel Bryan defends his WWE Championship vs AJ Styles. Just as the bell rings Bryan moves out of the ring and tries to get into the head of Styles. 

Ronda Rousey retains Raw Women's Champion

Rousey hits a powerbomb! A slight distraction by Tamina and Jax ambushes her from behind but an incredible takedown by Rousey as she takes her down with the armbar! She locks it in and makes Jax submit! Ronda Rousey is still the Raw Women's Champion

Rousey on the top rope

Nia Jax starting to keep Rousey grounded. But the Baddest Woman wants to change the momentum and leaps from the top rope with a flying crossbody!

Up Next: Raw Women's Championship match

Up Next: Nia Jax flanked by Tamina takes on Ronday Rousey for Raw Women's Championship match. Nia Jax using her size to her advantage straightway. 

Rey Mysterio Wins!

Orton's head bounces of the steel chair and Mysterio rolls him over for a three count. The King of 619 wins! He is no a longer a victim of Orton. The Viper is beside himself.

Chairs Flying around

The match starts and immediately the action shifts outside the ring. Chairs are flying around and Mysterio lands a dropkick on Orton who falls outside the ring. Mysterio then uses the chair like a sled and slides with it to hit a splash outside the ring. WOW!

Next Up: Rey Mysterio vs Randy Orton

Next Up: Rey Mysterio vs Randy Orton in a chairs match! This one will get brutal! Over the last few weeks, Orton has been targetting the 619. His attacks have been vicious. Will Mysterio have his revenge tonight? 

Finn Balor wins

Dolph Ziggler with a superkick to Drew McIntyre. The referee didn't see it! The distraction helps Finn Balor hit the Coup de Grace. Finn Balor beats Drew McIntyre!

Drew McIntyre versus Finn Balor

Drew McIntyre versus Finn Balor: The match begins with Balor trying to get some momentum. Repeated chops from Balor can't deter McIntyre, who yells “too sweet” and stamps on his hand after slamming him to the floor.

Natalya wins!

Natalya sends Ruby Riott through the table with a thunderous powerbomb from the second rope and with that she wins the match! Retribution tonight for Natalya as he picks up the win wearing her fathers iconic jacket!

Riott on the mat

Ruby Riott vs. Natalya in a Tables Match is getting intense. Natalya has already tried to hit the Sharpshooter! Riott survives. But it's not long before Natalys delivers a german suplex. 

Ruby Riott vs. Natalya

Up Next: Ruby Riott vs. Natalya up next in a Tables Match. This will be an extremely personal battle as Riott has time and again dragged the latter's father into the scheme of things 

Strowman wins!

Baron Corbin is surrounded on all sides by Braun Strowman,  Apollo Crews, Bobby Roode and Chad Gable and Kurt Angles. ultimately it is special referee Heath Slater who turns his back on Corbin and that's it! The Monster Among Men Wins despite having his hand in a sling! RAW will have a new General Manager! Celebration time inside the ring!

Baron Corbin attacked

So going by the rules of a TLC Match- anything goes. Apollo Crews, Bobby Roode and Chad Gable join to help Strowman. And just as about Corbin wants to leave the ring, Kurt Angle returns with a chair in hand. He decimates Corbin with it and the Lone Wolf has nowhere to go. ANGLE SLAM TO CORBIN!

Braun Strowman arrives

Braun Strowman has arrived in the ring with one-arm strapped. Will he take on Baron Corbin with just one hand?

The Bar retains tag-team titles

Sheamus hits Xavier Woods with the Brogue Kick as he was trying to get back into the ring. TheBar retains their tag-team titles. Quite a good match. 

Smack Down Titles on the line

 The Usos vs The New Day vs The Bar: The match starts with Sheamus and Kofi in the ring for their teams. They lock up and Sheamus backs Kingston to the corner.

Buddy Murphy, Elias win

Buddy Murphy retains after a fun match to get things started. Elias vs. Bobby Lashley now on the kickoff. Elias wins, but Lio and Lashley stand tall to get their heat. Now we move on to the SmackDown tag team title bout.

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Hello and welcome to our live blog of WWE TLC- Tables Ladders and Chairs for this morning! We're starting things off with the cruiserweight title match between Buddy Murphy and Cedric Alexander.

WWE TLC 2018 Highlights: Fight card for the final pay-per-view of the year.

WWE Championship match – AJ Styles vs Daniel Bryan

WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championship match – The Usos vs The New Day vs The Bar

WWE Smackdown Women’s Championship TLC match – Asuka vs. Charlotte Flair vs Becky Lynch

WWE RAW Women’s Championship match – Nia Jax vs Ronda Rousey

WWE Intercontinental Championship match – Dean Ambrose vs Seth Rollins

WWE Cruiserweight Championship match – Cedric Alexander vs Buddy Murphy

Ladder match – Elias vs Bobby Lashley

TLC match – Braun Strowman* vs Baron Corbin

Finn Balor vs Drew McIntyre

Chairs match – Randy Orton vs Rey Mysterio

Tables match – Natalya vs Ruby Riott

Finn Balor vs Drew McIntyre

Mixed Match Challenge Season 2 finals – Mahalicia vs The Fabulous Truth