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WWE superstar The Rock remembers rivalry with Stone Cold Steve Austin to mark “3:16” day

March 16 is regarded as the "3:16" day, which was one of the most memorable phases in the WWE history, made famous by Stone Cold Steve Austin.

The Rock
The Rock getting a Stone Cold Stunner. (Source: WWE)

Former WWE Champion The Rock, in an Instagram post, gave a salute to one of his biggest rivals, Stone Cold Steve Austin to mark the “3:16” day. The wrestler-turned-actor shared a video of his fight with the “Rattle Snake” on March 16 (or 3/16) which is one of the most memorable catchphrases in the WWE history, made famous by Stone Cold.

In the video, the Rock was seen taking a Stone Cold Stunner. Captioning the video, he wrote: “As the top bad guy in the @WWE wrestling business, I had two jobs – 1) was to make sure the top good guy – Stone Cold Steve Austin always looked like a KING. And 2) to ALWAYS make the audience go f****** bananas and send them home happy & buzzing. Even if it meant getting hit with the iconic “Stone Cold Stunner” while getting my bell rung and still trying to drink my beer.”

He further reminded the audience the two superstars set the all-time attendance record in every arena they came together.

“Me and this bald-headed SOB help set attendance records in every arena across the country. A unique time when pro wrestling was on straight fire,” he added.


He further thanked Stone Cold for the shared memories. “Thanks for the incredible and fun memories and for taking this punk kid under your wing. All love & respect,” he wrote.”

The rivalry between the two superstars started in 1997 for the InterContinental Championships. With great matches and epic promos, the two wrestlers enthralled the crowd as they continued to exchange the belt back and forth. Later, In 1998, Stone Cold won the WWE Heavyweight Championship and battled with the Rock for the first time in Wrestlemania in 1999 for the title.

The two stars battled again at Wrestlemania 17 in front of 60,000 fans at the Reliant Astrodome in Houston, Texas, after Stone Cold returned from an injury.

Stone Cold’s final WWE appearance came in a fight against the People’s Champ at Wrestlemania 19, thus ending their rivalry and Austin’s career on a perfect note.

With Stone Cold effectively retired from pro wrestling, and The Rock establishing himself as a Hollywood actor, the two are unlikely to meet anytime inside the ring in the future.