WWE Survivor Series 2017 Results: Brock Lesnar defeats AJ Styles in dream match

Despite giving a phenomenal fight, the Beast proved a bit too much for AJ Styles to tame.

Updated: November 20, 2017 2:34:50 pm
Brock Lesnar defeated AJ Styles. (Source: WWE)

Survivor Series witnessed yet another fantasy battle with Universal Champion Brock Lesnar locking horns against WWE Champion AJ Styles for the first time on Monday. In what was sold out as a dream match, the two champions from Raw and SmackDown collided in an epic battle but despite giving a phenomenal fight the Beast proved a bit too much for Styles to tame.

After winning the title against Jinder Mahal, Styles seemed supremely confident going into the match against Lesnar. But what he surely did not expect was to face a beast in full fury. The match began with Lesnar’s savage attack on Styles. One German suplex, in particular, sent The Phenomenal One right across the ring, leaving the crowd in awe.

Styles found his way back into the match, courtesy of his quick and skillful moves.

However, Styles found his way back into the match, courtesy of his quick and skillful moves. Targeting Lesnar’s knees, Styles began with quick strikes. A series of flying forearms and a calf-crusher almost saw him achieve the unthinkable. But taming the Beast Incarnate is anything but easy. While Styles went for yet another ‘Phenomenal Forearm’, Lesnar turned it around and administered his F5 to pin the WWE Champion.

The epic fight left the entire audience craving for more as chants of ‘this is awesome’ reverberated around the Toyota Centre in Houston. Later on even Paul Heyman acknowledged Styles’s incredible feat and showered him with praises. “He is more phenomenal than he gives himself credit for. If you’re not an AJ Styles fan you shouldn’t even be watching WWE,” Heyman said before concluding by saying, ” Tonight, he didn’t just perform he fought. He took the fight to the Beast like very few ever have.”

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