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WWE Smackdown Live Results: Samoa Joe beats Daniel Bryan, Big Cass to book final spot in Money in the Bank

Samoa Joe locked Coquina Clutch on Daniel Bryan passing out his opponent to become the eighth man to qualify for the Money In the Bank Ladder match.

WWE Smackdown Live Results
Samoa Joe has qualified for the Money in the Bank Ladder match. (Source: WWE)

The clash between Samoa Joe and Daniel Bryan intensified in this week’s Smackdown Live as Big Cass, who has been shadowing Bryan since the superstar shake-up, interjected himself into the match. The evening started with Joe laying down a barrage of insults to Bryan, climbing down the ladder to take down the briefcase to point that he will be entering the Money in the Bank match. Angered by Joe’s remarks, Bryan asked for the match to start straight away but before it could, Big Cass entered the ring and said that he was medically cleared to compete. He tried to hit Bryan with a crutch but the former Smackdown Live General Manager ducked and Cass hit Joe instead. Chaos broke out as the trio fought against each other in the ring.

In the match, Samoa Joe kicked off the fight with full intensity before he was stopped on his tracks by Bryan’s speed. The “Yes” Man carried out assaults on both his opponents, before delivering a hurricanrana to Joe off the top rope.

But just when it looked the former four-time World Champion will win the match, tables turned around. Bryan took out Joe outside the ring and struck Cass with a Running Knee. Just as he went down for the pinfall, Joe entered to lock him up in Coquina Clutch from behind and passing him out to earn the victory. With the win, Joe became the 8th and final man to enter the Money in the Bank Ladder match.

As Joe celebrated his win, Cass delivered another Big Boot to Bryan inside the ring, signaling the rivalry between the two superstars is not yet finished.

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