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WWE Raw Results: Ahead of WWE TLC, Seth Rollins, Baron Corbin clash

WWE Raw witnessed Seth Rollins attack Baron Corbin for the show suffering drop in ratings before they clashed in a tables, ladders and chairs match for the WWE Intercontinental title.

Seth Rollins and Baron Corbin on WWE Raw
WWE Raw main event saw Seth Rollins defend his title against Baron Corbin. (Source: WWE)

Dean Ambrose is scheduled to defend his Intercontinental title against Dean Ambrose at the WWE TLC on Sunday but before that, he got a good test of the apparatus on WWE Raw. Rollins called out WWE Raw’s stand-in general manager Baron Corbin to address the condition of the program which has recorded pitiful viewership in recent weeks. Refusing to hold back after Corbin entered the ring, The Architect gave multiple examples of where the “General Manager-Elect” had made Raw “suck,” including wasting teams like The Revival, handing the Universal Title back to Brock Lesnar and unjustly ending careers.

Corbin retorted he didn’t care what Rollins and the WWE Universe thought of his performance and threatened to make Rollins’ life hell once he became the permanent General Manager of Raw at WWE TLC, Rollins challenged him to a TLC match on the night. Backed into a corner with his adversary indirectly calling him a coward, The Lone Wolf finally accepted the challenge and informed the titleholder their match would be for the Intercontinental Championship.

The conditions for the match were clear: the match could only end when The Kingslayer or The Lone Wolf climbed a ladder to retrieve the Intercontinental Title hanging above the ring. During an attack, Rollins accidently took down referee Heath Slater with the steel chair. As the contest moved to outside the ring, Rollins placed Corbin onto the table and drove him through the hardwood with a Frog Splash. Just when it looked like Rollins was going to defend his title, Slater reappeared and dumped the ladder from under him.

Slater helped Corbin back into the ring and assisted him in climbing the ladder, but Rollins hit the ring, grabbed the General Manager-Elect and sent him crashing through the table with a bucklebomb. Coming face-to-face with Slater, Rollins hit the official with a superkick before blasting Corbin with the stomp and climbing the rungs to claim his title.

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