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WWE Raw Results: Brock Lesnar lays hands on manager Paul Heyman in rampaging attack

WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar once again highlighted he's hard to control on a night he was scheduled to take the ring on WWE Raw.

WWE champion Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman
WWE champion Brock Lesnar attacked own manager Paul Heyman on WWE Raw. (Source: WWE)

Returning to WWE Raw on Monday night, Brock Lesnar was in a foul mood and the brunt of it fell on all and sundry. It took Raw General Manager Kurt Angle in its wake with an F5 and even longtime advocate Paul Heyman was not saved. Having made it clear that Heyman wasn’t his friend, the Universal Champion attacked Heyman soon after Roman Reigns was told to leave the building. They’re set to meet at WWE SummerSlam and the mood looks like the fight is going to be one to watch.

As the night began, Reigns called out Lesnar to come to the ring for a confrontation but his plea fell on deaf ears. Instead, Heyman came to the ring and claimed his client would only come out when he felt like it. So, Reigns chose to send out a message instead to be passed along. Heyman agreed but Lesnar didn’t just disregard the message, he destroyed it, whipping Heyman’s cell phone across the locker room.

Kurt Angle tried his best throughout the night to bring Lesnar to the ring. He even had Reigns banned from the building – at Stephanie McMahon’s request – with blackmail not working either. With Heyman told that he would be fired in Lesnar failed to show, The Beast remained unperturbed.

With push coming to shove, Heyman was reduced to a pleading mess before Brock made his presence known into the ring while also admitting Brock is a bad champion and claiming he tried to “rehabilitate” The Conqueror in Angle’s image before going down on his knees and pleading for mercy from Angle. As Lesnar’s music hit, a relieved Heyman slipped into hype man mode as The Beast Incarnate dropped Angle with an F-5 with no warning.


With Heyman celebrating the champion’s dominant display, Lesnar snapped and grabbed him by the face to shove him down to the mat while the WWE Universe chanted “We want Roman”. What it highlighted was that Lesnar answers to no one: not the General Manager, not his advocate or the WWE Universe.

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