WWE Live India Tour 2017: Cricket is a great sport, but WWE is just better, says Sheamushttps://indianexpress.com/article/sports/wwe-wrestling/wwe-live-india-tour-2017-cricket-is-a-great-sport-but-wwe-is-just-better-says-sheamus-4975474/

WWE Live India Tour 2017: Cricket is a great sport, but WWE is just better, says Sheamus

WWE Raw tag-team champions Sheamus and Cesaro said everyone wants to align with them because no one sets the bar higher than them.

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WWE Raw Tag team champions Sheamus and Cesaro said that everyone wants to make an alliance with them. (Express Photo)

For WWE Raw Tag team champions Sheamus and Cesaro, who like to call themselves “The Bar”, a visit to India is a chance to make WWE more popular than cricket. The duo, who defeated the tag team of Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose on Raw earlier this week, were in New Delhi as part of WWE Live India tour 2017. Speaking to IndianExpress.com, the duo said they are excited to visit the country.

“I am loving the environment what I have seen so far, and the fan base in India is huge,” Cesaro said. His partner Sheamus, added that WWE will challenge the popularity of cricket. “Cricket is a great sport, but WWE is better. I am sorry… actually I am not sorry. I am actually pretty proud of WWE,” the Irish said.

As a team, Sheamus and Cesaro have beaten the likes of The New Day, The Hardy Boyz and The Shield. But the duo initially started off as rivals. The Celtic Warrior and the Swiss Superman were involved in a Best of 7 battle last year and were eventually paired up by former Raw manager Mick Foley. Joining forces worked for both of them and in over a year, Sheamus and Cesaro have become three-time Tag team champions.

On being asked if there is any chance of rivalry springing up between the two again, Cesaro expressed confidence that nothing can come between them. “Enzo and Cass, or many other teams who broke up, they started off as friends. They just started to know each other. But we’ve known each other way before we were a team… we’ve been through that phase,” he said.


Sheamus added that the two are like brothers and keep on challenging each other to do better. “During a Celtic Warrior workout yesterday, Cesaro started giving me grief… he started throwing all these crazy weights around. But that’s the banter between bros and friends… You knock each other down to get better. But if anyone else knocks us, they better be able to run fast. Because we’ll be chasing them down,” he said.

Sheamus also issued a challenge to Bollywood actor John Abraham. “John Abraham, you are invited to Celtic Warrior Workout. I want to see what you really got. I know you got abs, but let’s see if you got grit,” the former King of the Ring said.

The Bar, who recently formed mini-alliance with Miztourage and Samoa Joe in recent months, said that everyone wishes to be associated with the team. “We are not allying with other people. The other people see how good we are, and they want to be a part of the Bar,” Cesaro said. He added that Ambrose and Rollins had to bring in Roman Reigns and reunite Shield to tackle them. “The Shield couldn’t handle us. They had to bring in Roman, they had to unite because of us,” he added.

Sheamus further added that everyone wants to be associated with “winners”. “Miz wants to align with us, Samoa Joe wants to align with us. People want to be aligned with winners. And right now, you won’t find two bigger winners, than three-time tag team champions Sheamus and Cesaro,” he said.