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Saturday, September 18, 2021

WWE Backlash 2018 Highlights: Roman Reigns beats Samoa Joe, AJ Styles retain WWE title

WWE Backlash 2018 Highlights: AJ Styles retained his WWE Championship title after the No Disqualification match against Shinsuke Nakamura ended in a Double Count-out.

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Updated: May 7, 2018 9:11:52 am
WWE Backlash Live Results WWE Backlash 2018 Highlights: Roman Reigns to take on Samoa Joe. (Source: WWE)

WWE Backlash 2018 Highlights: After weeks of taunting at the hands of Samoa Joe, Roman Reigns finally reigned supreme as he went down to beat Joe in the main event of pay-per-view Backlash. The Big Dog was earlier slumped in the match when Joe brutally assaulted him even before the bell rang. But the former WWE Champion showed his tenacity and his will to fight as he continued to battle through the pain and finally emerge victorious in the big match. Earlier, it was WWE Champion AJ Styles who retained his WWE Championship title after the No Disqualifications match against Shinsuke Nakamura ended in a double count-out. (Fight Card)

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WWE Backlash 2018 Highlights

09:07 (IST)07 May 2018
WWE Backlash 2018: Our Rating

Overall, the first pay-per-view since Wrestlemania, was not expected to be the best, since there was not much time given to build up the storylines for the fight. The biggest drawback of the show was the question every fan seems to be asking - why was Nakamura vs Styles not the main event, and why was Reigns vs Samoa Joe the main event of the night? It seems bizarre that WWE would put the title match before a match that has zero affect on the show's proceedings. When it comes to the fight, it was Seth Rollins vs The Miz that stole the show. Nakamura vs Styles was also a decent affair but the ending was just poor. Overall a very medicore product. Our rating: 2 out of 5, mainly for the Intercontinental fight, and some surprising moves between Nakamura and Styles. 

09:04 (IST)07 May 2018
"This is my Yard"

Roman Reigns proves to the doubters that even though he has not been able to beat the Beast Incarnate Brock Lesnar, it still continues to be his yard, as he picks up the massive win over Samoa Joe at Backlash. Now will he get another shot agaisnt Brock Lesnar for the Universal Title, since the previous match ended in a controversial fashion.  We have to watch Raw tomorrow to find out!

08:57 (IST)07 May 2018

Roman Reigns delivers a vicious spear outta nowhere to Samoa Joe to pick up a massive win and prove his doubters wrong. The Big Dog shows that he still has in him to win big matches. Big win for the Big Dog!

08:55 (IST)07 May 2018

Samoa Joe has locked Coquina clutch on Roman Reigns and the Big Dog has nowheere to go. He managed to reverse it the first time around, with a reversal, but the second time, he seems to be fading away. Will Reigns tap out? NOOO! He finds it within himself to get back and clutch the rope. The crowd is still chanting "JOE! JOE! JOE!" 

08:53 (IST)07 May 2018

Roman Reigns tries to get back into the match with a superman punch, he goes for the covers, but Joe kicks out. Then Reigns goes for his finishing move - a Spear! But great ring awareness from Joe who puts his foot on the rope to stop the countdown. Saves the match. Reigns is now frustrated. 

08:45 (IST)07 May 2018
Samoa Joe mocks Roman Reigns

Samoa Joe wants to establish that this is his yard now and he mocks Roman Reigns as he continues to lock him up in a submission move. As Reigns tries to fight out, Joe goes for a massive suicide dive from the middle rope. A man that size should not be able to do that, SUPERHUMAN! 

08:40 (IST)07 May 2018
The Big Dog is tamed

The match finally starts after the referee gets the approval of Reigns to ring the bell and Samoa Joe continues the assault as he delivers series of rights and lefts on the Big Dog. Reigns is absolutely defenselss in the ring as Joe continues his brutal assault. This has become too physical too soon!

08:37 (IST)07 May 2018

Samoa Joe attacks Roman Reigns even before the bell was rung and he caught the Big Dog off guard. He delivers a cheap shot to the former Shield Member and then takes him outside to deliver a Uranage on the announce table as it crashes down. Joe then throws him around like a cheap trash around the announce table. Remember this match has not even started yet!NO TIME is being wasted by @SamoaJoe, as this match has not even started yet! #WWEBacklash— WWE Universe (@WWEUniverse) 7 May 2018

08:33 (IST)07 May 2018

Samoa Joe enters the ring as the crowd chants 'JOE! JOE! JOE!'. He wants to beat down Roman Reigns and he looks to be in the mood. For Reigns it is all about taking out his frustrations after his controversial loss against Brock Lesnar for the Universal Title at the Greatest Royal Rumble, where the referee handed the win to the Beast in the steel cage match, even though Reigns feet touched the ground first.

08:30 (IST)07 May 2018
Roman Reigns vs Samoa Joe - Up Next

And now it will be the time for the main event of the night - The Big Dog Roman Reigns against Samoa Joe. Joe believes that Reigns time is over after he has been defeated twice by The Beast Incarnate and Joe wants to further give a beating to Reigns to prove himself right. Can he bring the fallout of Roman Empire?

08:28 (IST)07 May 2018
Braun Strowman is not done!

The Monster is not done feasting on his meals as he runs over to catch hold of Sami Zayn. Braun Strowman finally GETS HIS HANDS on Sami Zayn and brings him back to the ring to deliver a vicious power bomb. THIS IS AWESOME!

08:26 (IST)07 May 2018
But Strowman and Lashley are not done

Strowman and Lashley are not down as they continue the beatdown on Kevin Owens. While Strowman delivers a powerslam to Owens, Lashley gives him a suplex. And now Zayn is showing concern for his friend. 

08:25 (IST)07 May 2018
Is this the end of "Yep Movement?"

Sami Zayn has just cost Kevin Owens and him the match and he also slapped his best friend right across the face as he handed them to the wolves. This could be the end of the friendship between the two. 

08:24 (IST)07 May 2018

Sami Zayn says that he is leaving but Kevin Owens tries to convince him to staying the ring and he throws Owens into the ring to face the Monster. A fight break out between the two former best friends and eventually, Lashley and Strowman take the advantage to pick up the win.

08:22 (IST)07 May 2018

Bobby Lashley finally gives the tag to Braun Strowman and here comes the Monster Among Men Braun Strowman into the match and the winner of the Greatest Royal Rumble completely bulldozed both Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn with vicious strikes. Someone call human rights activists because this cannot be legal!!

08:20 (IST)07 May 2018
Bobby Lashley is a freak!

Bobby Lashley takes early advantage after dropping Kevin Owens with a slam and then taking the beating to Sami Zayn. He jumps from the bottom to the ringside showing tremendous athleticism, but then the distraction caused by Owens caused him the moment as Zayn and Owens get back into the match. Watch this move from Lashley though:

08:18 (IST)07 May 2018
Friendship Goals?

Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn have been friends for so long - they fight together, they came to NXT together, they came to WWE together, they came to RAW together, and now they are taking the beasts together. If this does not give you friendship goals, then nothing will! 

08:15 (IST)07 May 2018
Jeff Hardy has something to say about his win over Randy Orton

Jeff Hardy earlier successfully defended his United States Championship against The Viper Randy Orton and he believes it is one of the biggest victories of his career. 

08:12 (IST)07 May 2018
Braun Strowman and Bobby Lashley against Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn

Now it will be the battle of the Beasts vs the "Yep Movement". The team of Bobby Lashley and Braun Strowman take on the team of Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn.

08:11 (IST)07 May 2018
Meanwhile Here is what Big Cass has to say about his assault on Daniel Bryan

After brutally assaulting Daniel Bryan after losing the match, here is what Big Cass to say about his actions: 

Just to make it clear, he lost the match. In fact, Big Cass tapped out.

WWE Backlash 2018 Live Results WWE Backlash 2018 Live Results: AJ Styles to defend title against Shinsuke Nakamura. (Source: WWE)

Being the first PPV after WrestleMania, WWE Backlash has always been known to settle rivalries that couldn’t be finished on the grandest stage of them all. Backlash 2018 comes to the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey for the first time and will be a co-branded event showcasing superstars from both Raw and Smackdown Live. This event will feature blockbuster matches including Roman Reigns Vs Samoa Joe, AJ Styles vs. Shinsuke Nakamura in a rematch after their classic match at WrestleMania 34. Backlash will also feature Daniel Bryan vs. Big Cass. Last year’s WWE Backlash witnessed Jinder Mahal defeating Randy Orton to win his first WWE Championship while Shinsuke Nakamura made his in-ring debut on the main roster.

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