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Jinder Mahal loses WWE Champion title to AJ Styles at SmackDown LIVE

Jinder Mahal lost his WWE Champion title to AJ Styles on the WWE SmackDown LIVE event in Manchester.

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Jinder Mahal (standing) and AJ Styles during their fight. (WWE Photo)

Jinder Mahal had two opportunities when he took on AJ Styles in a top WWE SmackDown LIVE meeting. He could have retained the WWE Championship and also earned the right to fight Brock Lesnar at the Survivor Series for the title. He lost both. Styles won the title belt from Mahal and and will fight Lesnar. In Manchester, Mahal and Styles showed one of the best shows to the crowd and it was perfect entertainment. Styles became the WWE Champion for the second time and ended Mahal’s much surprising long reign at the top. Both wrestlers left no stone unturned to win the belt.

Mahal was the aggressor from the start. He threw Styles into the announcer’s table and tried to wear Styles down by his approach. But Styles did not give up. He took the offence to Mahal and completed his moves to rattle the champion.

But, Mahal had this fight under control. He was bigger in size than Styles and stronger on the day as well. Styles survived the fight on his moves. He almost ended the fight when he tried the springboard 450 splash on Mahal but he was helped by Singh brothers and saved.

Though Styles decided to attack the Singh brothers after this so they don’t further help Mahal, it gave Mahal the time to recover. Mahal was agonisingly close to ending the fight when the performed a Khallas but Styles put his leg on the rope to avoid the count.


Mahal went a step ahead to end this fight. He attempted a Khallas from the top rope. But, Styles survived that and inturn completed a neck-first on the top rope. It was no doubt from there. Mahal was down on the floor. Styles held him for count and was crowned the new WWE Champion.

This meant the a the belt has changed hands for the first time outside North America and Styles, now a two-time WEE Champion, will fight Lesnar. Mahal took out his frustration on the Singh brothers after the fight as Styles stood inside the ring, celebrating his title.