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Wimbledon 2018 Highlights, Women’s semi-finals: Serena Williams sets up final with Angelique Kerber

Wimbledon 2018 Highlights, Women's semi-finals: Angelique Kerber and Serena Williams came through in straight sets to set up a repeat of 2016 final.

Wimbledon Live Score
Wimbledon 2018 Highlights: Serena Williams beat Julia Goerges in the semi-final. (Source: Reuters)

Wimbledon 2018 Highlights, Day 10: After numerous shocks in the first week that continued on Manic Monday which saw top 10 seeds bow out before the quarterfinals – a first in the Open Era – normalcy was restored for the semi-finals and the path was further paved smooth when Angelique Kerber beat Jelena Ostapenko and Serena Williams sent Julia Goerges packing in straight sets. Serena vs Kerber, on Saturday, will be a repeat of the 2016 final at the All England Club when Serena had prevailed. With the straight sets win, Serena has remained unbeaten at SW19 since 2014.

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Wimbledon 2018 Highlights, Day 10 Score and Updates:

Serena Williams post-match

Serena Williams: It is crazy! I just didn't have anything to lose and played free. I've had multiple surgeries, almost didn't make it. Definitely not normal to be playing this final, just taking everything as it comes.

Serena Williams (On Kerber): She is a really good grass court player. I love watching her play, get to see her play. For me it is just an incredible effort and keep going

Wimbledon Live: Goerges 2-6, 4-6 Serena

Goerges was in some striking zone in the last game and it has gone missing all of a sudden. Two errors and a double fault later, Serena Williams has three match points. Goerges with a drop shot which is picked up by Serena and the return lob by the German goes long. Serena Williams wins 6-2, 6-4 and is into the final to face Angelique Kerber

Wimbledon Live: Goerges 2-6, 4-5* Serena

Serena Williams serving for a place in the final on Saturday. Goerges with a little look in now as Serena hits a double fault to make it 0-30. On the next point, Goerges has Serena stretching at the net and then a forehand winner behind Serna to bring up three break points. One saved by Serena with a backhand winner. What a serve! Big serve down the centre and Goerges sends it long. Fantastic forehand return on the second serve and Serena fails to send it back. BREAK! Back on serve!

Wimbledon Live: Goerges *2-6, 3-5 Serena

Goerges serving to stay in the match. Strong serve out wide on the deuce court and she is 30-15 to the good. Another big serve, this time down the centre, Serena somehow gets it back and the point goes on two shots longer than it should have but Goerges takes it with a backhand winner deep into the court. Serena Williams shows she is not easy to beat on the backhand either. An angled cross court movement of the wrist has Goerges scrambling and sends her backhand into the net. But she follows it up with a strong serve into the body which Serena sends into the net. 

Wimbledon Live: Goerges 2-6, 2-5* Serena

Serena Williams with yet another hold at love. Despite Goerges making huge returns, she's not being rewarded with points because Serena has been just that good. One game away from the final now

Wimbledon Live: Goerges *2-6, 2-4 Serena

Pressure on Goerges' serve as she makes two errors early to go 0-30 down. Makes it 15-30 with a strong forehand winner into the vacant court. And then makes it 30-30 with a deep forehand which Serena believes has gone long. Hawk Eye confirms it had landed in. Serena brings up break point with a backhand winner down the line around the net. Goerges with a backhand smash behind her and left lots of vacant court behind her. The German then goes for a drop shot but it hits the top of the net and fails to trickle over. So, so unlucky. BREAK!

Wimbledon Live: Goerges 2-6, 2-3* Serena

Serena Williams holds at love with another strong serving game. She's giving nothing away. Much like Kerber earlier. 

Wimbledon Live: Goerges *2-6, 2-2 Serena

Julia Goerges with a neat serve out wide and then punches a forehand winner into vacant court to make it 40-15 in the fourth game. Follows it up with an unreturnable serve down the T. 2-2 in the second set

Wimbledon Live: Goerges 2-6, 1-2* Serena

Serena Williams continues to post statements with her serve and groundstrokes. Giving Goerges little momentum

Wimbledon Live: Goerges *2-6, 1-1 Serena

Julia Goerges gets up early on the board. Holds to love and it is 1-1 in the second set. Much like the first set where she started off but it is about how well she can keep up the attack, especially on Serena's serve

Wimbledon Live: Goerges *2-6 Serena

Serena Williams in complete control and Julia now serving to stay in the opening set. First point goes Serena's way and Goerges' lob sails long. Serena then attacks the second serve with some authority. Gets on top and moves into the court to thrash it for a backhand cross court winner. No reply. A double fault follows and with pressure rising, Goerges now has to save three set points. Serena Williams wins the opening set 6-2 as Goerges sends her forehand wide. 

Wimbledon Live: Goerges 2-3* Serena

Gorgeous backhand winner into the open court by Serena Williams and the opening set remains on serve. 3-2 to the American

Wimbledon Live: Goerges 1-1 Serena

We're underway in the second semi-final of the day. Serena Williams up against Julia Goerges on Centre Court. The winner to play Angelique Kerber

Kerber post-match

Kerber post-match interview: It is a great feeling to play on Centre Court and great to be here. Jelena Ostapenko is always fighting. I was focusing on every single point. I am happy that I'm through. I am really happy to be in the back of a Grand Slam final. I am just focusing on my match and not on who will be on the other side of the net on Saturday.

Wimbledon Live: Kerber *6-3, 6-3 Ostapenko

Kerber serving for the match once again. Ostapenko takes the opening point with a winner and Kerber showing off she can do much of the space. Superb winner on the forehand down the line and it is 15-15. She nets this one and Ostapenko has a little look in. But, Kerber closes that door with a serve wide and Ostapenko sends it long. Wait, break point for Ostapenko. Kerber sends her backhand long and chance for the Latvian. Another strong serve on the ad-side. Ostapenko nets her backhand. Deuce and Ostapenko with an error on the serve. Match point #2 for Kerber. Ostapenko goes for too much on her forehand and sends it wide of the line and into the tramlines. Kerber is into the Wimbledon final with a 6-3, 6-3 win. 

Wimbledon Live: Kerber 6-3, 5-3* Ostapenko

Just when it looked like Ostapenko was going to hold her serve to love for a chance, she makes two errors and is under pressure all of a sudden. But Kerber helps her out with a sliced backhand into the net. 

Wimbledon Live: Kerber *6-3, 5-2 Ostapenko

Ostapenko with consecutive errors as Kerber serves for the match. Then makes an error of her own while trying to find the line. Superb rally follows and Ostapenko finally finds her length and beats the net, more importantly. Make that two in a row. Break point for Ostapenko. Kerber with a sliding serve and Ostapenko nets it. Deuce. Another break point opportunity now as Ostapenko finds the depth and the line, Kerber reckoned it had gone long but returned the ball still. Ostapenko sends it down the line for a winner. Kerber with another strong serve, an ace to bring it to deuce. Ostapenko sends the serve into the net. Match point. Ostapenko saves it with a sublime backhand winner down the line. Deuce. Superb serve out wide and equally blistering return which even Kerber can't send back. Out of absolute nowhere, Kerber is broken with Ostapenko throwing the kitchen sink at her. 

Wimbledon Live: Kerber 6-3, 5-1* Ostapenko

Been all about the counterpuncher today. Kerber continues to send each ball back despite Ostapenko's desperate attempts. The 2017 French Open winner misses a forehand and gets broken.

Wimbledon Live: Kerber *6-3, 4-1 Ostapenko

It is Kerber's serve under pressure this time. She comes back with a gorgeous winner to bring the game to 30-30. Ostapenko then sends a forehand into the net. She then goes for a backhand cross court but hits the top of the net and the ball fails to trickle over. Not even luck going her way. 

Wimbledon Live: Kerber 6-3, 3-1* Ostapenko

Ostapenko gets on the board but not before she's pushed by Kerber once again on the serve. Holds serve from 30-30

Wimbledon Live: Kerber 6-3, 2-0* Ostapenko

Dreadful start for Ostapenko in the second set. Her serve continues to come under pressure with first serve not coming good and groundstrokes going missing. Saves one break point but the second, courtesy a backhand error, hands Kerber an early break

Wimbledon Live: Kerber *6-3, 1-0 Ostapenko

Kerber gets the ball rolling in the second set with a comfortable hold of serve. She's barely been bothered on her serve and it continues in the second set

Wimbledon Live: Kerber 6-3* Ostapenko

Ostapenko sends her forehand into the top of the net and she looks absolutely gutted with her game at the moment. Gives Kerber a set point. And the set goes Kerber's way with a Ostapenko double fault. 6-3 to Kerber in 34 minutes

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Wimbledon Live: Kerber* 5-3 Ostapenko

Kerber from 40-15 up, is drawn back to deuce with two thumping forehand winners by Ostapenko. But the German comes back with two strong serves of her own to serve it out

Wimbledon Live: Kerber 4-3 *Ostapenko

Ostapenko nets her backhand and it brings up break point for Kerber. Flurry of cross court backhands by Ostapenk are duly returned by Kerber before Ostapenko tries to go down the line but ends up overcooking it. BREAK!  

Wimbledon Live: Kerber* 3-3 Ostapneko

Ostapenko with two consecutive errors from Deuce and Kerber holds serve in first service that she's been pushed in. 3-3 in the opening set

Wimbledon Live: Kerber 2-3* Ostapenko

Ostapenko continues to play the high risk, big returns game. She continues to go after the ball in attempt at picking up winners but right now the ratio is very even. Gets her serve pushed once again, saves break point and ends up holding serve

Wimbledon Live: Kerber *2-2 Ostapenko

Angelique Kerber with a comfortable hold of serve. Totally unlike Ostapenk who is being pushed on her serve. Kerber is going by with ease and maintaining the pressure on Ostapenko's serve

Wimbledon Live: Kerber 1-2* Ostapenko

Jelena Ostapenko holds serve after being pushed by Kerber. Had four opportunities to close out the game but faltered in each attempt. Got the job done in the end

Ostapenko serving first

Ostapenko is serving first and fittingly starts off the match with a winner into open court from the forehand. Adds another to make it 30-30.  Sends a forehand wide of the line and it brings up break point for Kerber. An inteersting rally thereafter with the Latvian sending a forehand deep into the court well beyond Kerber's reach to bring it to Deuce. Follows it up with an equally brutal winner - this time from the backhand side. Closes out the game with an ace down the T. 

Kerber vs Ostapenko Live

Players are out on the court. Ostapenko who goes on all out attack against Kerber who has great propensity to counter-punch. Promises to be an interesting affair

Wimbledon Live

Hello and Good Evening! Welcome to our live coverage of Wimbledon as play moves on to Day 10 with women's singles semi-finals. First up will be Angelique Kerber taking on Jelena Ostapenko and it will be followed by Serena Williams against Julia Gorges.

Wimbledon Live Score

Wimbledon Live Score: Serena Williams dropped the opening set but won against Camila Giorgi. (Source: AP)

Wimbledon Live, Day 10: Serena Williams will vie for a sixth Wimbledon title but before that, she will have to get past Germany's Julia Gorges in the semi-finals on Centre Court. On the way to the last-four, she's dropped one set - against Camila Giorgi - in the quarterfinal. It is a major coup for the American who ten months ago gave birth and nine months ago could barely move. In the other semi-final on the day, Angelique Kerber takes on Jelena Ostapenko. Kerber had gotten the better of Daria Kasatkina while Ostapenko had out-hit Dominika Cibulkova.