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Wednesday, August 05, 2020

Wimbledon Highlights, Men’s semi-final: Djokovic leads Nadal 6-4, 3-6, 7-6 with play suspended; to face Anderson in final

Wimbledon 2018 Live Tennis Score, Men's semi-finals Live Streaming: John Isner vs Kevin Anderson and Rafael Nadal vs Novak Djokovic in the men's singles semi-finals.

By: Sports Desk | New Delhi | Updated: July 14, 2018 4:04:08 am
Wimbledon Highlights: Novak Djokovic leads Rafael Nadal in the semi-final. (Source: AP)

Wimbledon Highlights, Men’s semi-finals: Wimbledon men’s semi-finals began at 5.30 PM IST and even with the clock ticking 3.30 AM on Saturday morning, the two matches were yet to be completed. Kevin Anderson and John Isner stretched each other and pushed each other to the brink before the South Africa prevailed in six hours and 35 minutes for the second longest match at Wimbledon where he won 26-24 in the fifth set. In the second semi-final, with an eye on the 11 PM curfew clock, Djokovic took a two sets to one lead over Rafael Nadal. Play will resume at 5.30 PM IST at Centre Court under the roof before the women’s singles final between Serena Williams and Angelique Kerber gets underway.

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Wimbledon 2018 Highlights, Men's Singles score and updates

03:41 (IST)14 Jul 2018
Goodbye from Wimbledon on Day 11
03:36 (IST)14 Jul 2018

Curfew time of 11 PM has been breached at the All England Club and the players take off with their bags. The crowds boos the interruption but rules are rules as they say. Both players walk off to a loud reception and acknowledge the crowd. Nadal followed by Djokovic. Novak signing some autographs as he leaves court. Play will continue tomorrow. And we leave you with Jamie Murray summing up the contest. Until tomorrow, good bye!

03:33 (IST)14 Jul 2018
Wimbledon Live: Third set tiebreak

Djokovic with a strong return from the back of the court and the half volley from Nadal sits up well for Djokovic to send it for a backhand winner. Set point Novak at 10-9 in the third set tiebreak. Djokovic with a perfect backhand down the line and Nadal sends the backhand into the net. THIRD SET DJOKOVIC 7-6 (9). Novak now leads to set to one.

03:30 (IST)14 Jul 2018
Wimbledon Live: Third set tiebreak

First set point chance for Djokovic now. Nadal serving at 8-9 in the third set tiebreak. Second serve... Djokovic sends the return long this time. Unbelievable. 9-9 now as players change ends

03:29 (IST)14 Jul 2018
Wimbledon Live: Third set tiebreak

Nadal with another set point chance with Djokovic serving at 7-8. The serve return goes long and it is 8-8. Nadal with another error on the serve return and Djokovic leads 9-8

03:28 (IST)14 Jul 2018
Wimbledon Live: Third set tiebreak

Set point for Nadal at 7-6 in the third set tiebreak. Djokovic with a drop shot of his own this time after seeing Rafa well behind the baseline. 7-7 now. This time Nadal goes for the drop shot, pulls it off and the desperate lunge by Djokovic is not good enough. Nadal now 8-7 up

03:25 (IST)14 Jul 2018
Wimbledon Live: Third set tiebreak

Set point for Nadal. Djokovic's serve into the Nadal forehand is sent into the tramlines. 6-6 at the change of ends. Nadal with a gorgeous forehand winner beyond Djokovic and that brings up set point for Rafa at 7-6 in the tiebreak in the third set

03:23 (IST)14 Jul 2018
Wimbledon Live: Third set tiebreak

Nadal with a serve down the centre and Djokovic sends the return long. 5-5 now in the tiebreak. This is breathtaking stuff. From absolute nowhere, they're finding the angles from the back of the court, keeping the point going when it looked to over and Nadal, in the end, with another drop shot winner to take a 6-5 lead

03:21 (IST)14 Jul 2018
Wimbledon Live: Third set tiebreak

Djokovic with a lovely backhand shot down the line and Nadal with a defensive lob but no 'Djokosmash' this time around. Calmly smashed into the open court. 5-3 to Djokovic. Nadal sees Novak way behind the baseline and drops his grip for a lovely drop shot that Djokovic can only see bounce in front of him. Mini break back for Nadal. Djokovic leads 5-4

03:18 (IST)14 Jul 2018
Wimbledon Live: Third set tiebreak

Missed! Djokovic gets to a Nadal drop shot and the Spaniard fails to get the ball back and mini break for Novak this time. Nadal had the ball on his racket but failed to get it over the net. At the change of ends, Djokovic now leads 4-2. Second serve into the body and Djokovic nets his forehand. 4-3 to Djokovic

03:15 (IST)14 Jul 2018
Wimbledon Live: Third set tiebreak

WHAT A RALLY! 17 shot rally with both players trading blows from the back of the court, finding angles that no one thought can be hit but in the end, Nadal goes for  a bit too much and sends the shot long. Djokovic with a strong serve and Nadal fails to return. 3-2 to Djokovic

03:13 (IST)14 Jul 2018
Wimbledon Live: Third set tiebreak

Novak Djokovic starts the tiebreak with a double fault and hands Nadal a mini break. This tie break could well decide which way this match swings when it resumes tomorrow. And Nadal hands the mini break back with an error on the backhand. 1-1. Nadal roars back with thumping smashes after another while Djokovic tries to fetch and keep point going. 2-1 to Nadal now

03:11 (IST)14 Jul 2018
Wimbledon Live: Djokovic 6-4, 3-6, 6-6 *Nadal

One of the aspects of Nadal's game that goes completely unnoticed or under appreciated are his volleys. Sure they are few and far between but whenever he does approach the net, the angles and touches are gorgeous. Just as the one where he angles the racket a touch away for a drop volley. No chance for it to be picked up. Once again, he has Djokovic scampering from the back of the court and it is placed well to keep away from Novak. TIEBREAK!

03:05 (IST)14 Jul 2018
Wimbledon Live: Djokovic* 6-4, 3-6, 6-5 Nadal

Nadal with remarkable start to the game. A lovely volley winner is followed up with a forehand winner deep into the court. More impressively, Nadal showing how good he is at staying in the point. Defending, defending before turning it into attack. But Djokovic not going away without a fight. Two big serves and it is now 30-30. ACE! Nadal sends the backhand long and Djokovic holds serve from 0-30 down

03:02 (IST)14 Jul 2018
Wimbledon Live: Djokovic 6-4, 3-6, 5-5 *Nadal

Rafael Nadal with a comfortable hold and it is now 5-5 in the third set

02:59 (IST)14 Jul 2018
Wimbledon Live: Djokovic* 6-4, 3-6, 5-4 Nadal

Another impressive hold of serve by Djokovic and the third set continues to stay on serve. Pressure now on Nadal to keep it going that way

02:54 (IST)14 Jul 2018
Wimbledon Live: Djokovic 6-4, 3-6, 4-4 *Nadal

Kissing the lines! Nadal with an impressive deep forehand return that finds no response. It grazed the line on its way before hitting the back of the court. Djokovic then sends his forehand into the net for Nadal to level the third set at 4-4

02:49 (IST)14 Jul 2018
Wimbledon Live: Djokovic* 6-4, 3-6, 4-3 Nadal

Rafael Nadal has a little look in, a possible foot to close the door but he moves a touch too quickly at 30-30 and Djokovic follows up the serve behind him for a winner. Holds as Nadal sends the return long

02:48 (IST)14 Jul 2018
Fair enough?
02:46 (IST)14 Jul 2018
Wimbledon Live: Djokovic 6-4, 3-6, 3-3 *Nadal

Nadal's serve coming under pressure with the score reading 0-30 in the sixth game. Brought back to 30-30 with Djokovic making a mistake on the first serve and Nadal producing another superb serve out wide on the ad court. 40-30 now with Djokovic missing another serve return. HOLD! Nadal with a lovely forehand down the line even as Djokovic pushes things with deep returns. Nadal hops over to his chair to get a new racket. 

Wimbledon 2018 Live Wimbledon 2018 Live Tennis Score, Day 11 Live Streaming: South Africa's Kevin Anderson will square-off against John Isner. (Source: Reuters)

John Isner and Kevin Anderson are on Centre Court, competing for a place in the Wimbledon final. Their rivalry is a unique one as it dates back to the college days. The duo have competed against each other 11 times as pros - but never on the big stage. Reflecting on the battle, Isner said, "There could be a little mental aspect in our match. I say that because our rivalry, what have you, goes back way before the pro tour. We played each other in college probably three, four, five times. We played each other a bunch on the pro tour". Isner, who is yet to drop serve at the tournament, has hit 160 aces compared to Anderson's 123.