Wimbledon 2017: Venus Williams beats Johanna Konta 6-4 6-2; Garbine Muguruza beats Magdalena Rybarikova 6-1 6-1 in semishttps://indianexpress.com/article/sports/tennis/wimbledon-2017-live-score-streaming-updates-semi-final-johanna-konta-venus-williams-muguruza-rybarikova-day-11-weather-4748925/

Wimbledon 2017: Venus Williams beats Johanna Konta 6-4 6-2; Garbine Muguruza beats Magdalena Rybarikova 6-1 6-1 in semis

It will be Venus Williams vs Garbine Muguruza in the Wimbledon 2017 women's singles final after the two posted convincing wins in their respective semi-final on Centre Court on Thursday.

Venus Williams outplayed Johanna Konta in the women’s singles semi-final. (Source: AP)

The semi-finals time at the All England Club proved to be an exciting contest on Thursday as veteran Venus Williams recorded yet another win while Spaniard Garbine Muguruza sailed into the final after a thumping win over Magdalena Rybarikova of Slovakia.  With firm favourites, Angelique Kerber and Simona Halep knocked out, both the matches on Thursday were viewed as an interesting contest.  The match between Garbine Muguruza and Magdalena Rybarikova proved to be one-sided as Muruguza swept her opponent aside by winning 6-1, 6-1 in just 65 minutes. Venus Williams prtooes to strong for Konta as he won her match 6-4, 6-2. With these results Venus Williams will play Garbine Muguruza in Saturday’s final.

Wimbledon 2017, Women’s Singles semi-finals between Garbine Muguruza vs Magdalena Rybarikova and Venus Williams vs Johanna Konta: As it happened

2033 hrs IST: Game, set, match! Venus Williams with another break and she sets up a final date with Garbine Muguruza. The veteran takes a little more than a hour. This is Venus Williams’ first final since 2009

2030 hrs IST: The holds continue but Venus remains a break up. Kona is trying hard for her first break of the match but Venus is too hot to handle today. The veteran is using all her experience today


2015 hrs IST: Williams Dominates! She breaks Konta early in the second set to move 3-1 ahead. Konta did save a couple of points with precise angles but Venus continued to play low and forced an error

2001 hrs IST: Williams draws first blood as she breaks Konta, wins the game and pockets the opening set 6-4. First a quality hold and then this clinical break

1956 hrs IST: Excellent hold by Williams as she saves two break points to pocket the game and put herself a break away from pocketing the opening set. She was 15-40 down at one stage of the game but did well to force the deuce and then take to consecutive points to make it 5-4

1953 hrs IST: Break around the corner? Eight holds so far in the first set between Konta and Williams. Williams has come close on occasion but home favourite Konta continues to avoid the break. The next two games will be crucial as both semi-finalists will charge for the break

1937 hrs IST: The holds continue and the first set is locked at 2-2. Venus has been serving exceptionally well and Johanna has managed to unleash the big serve just when it matters. On first serve, she was down 15-30 but staged a fine recovery to avoid the early break. Venus came close for the break in the fourth game of the set as the two were tied at 40-40 before Johanna’s two big serves sealed the game for her

1925 hrs IST: The big forehand comes into play early in the contest as Venus holds serve to pocket the opening game with ease

1921 hrs IST: And, we get underway on Centre Court. Venus, on serve, pockets the first point of the match as Konta’s return crashes into the net

1919 hrs IST: Warm-up about to get over, both Konta and Venus will soon start trading points in front of a packed crowd. The first semi-final was a one-sided affair but this one is expected to go the distance

1912 hrs IST: The crowd on their feet as both Venus and Konta walk out to the middle for the big semi-final. Lot of hopes riding on Konta, especially after Murray’s exit on Wednesday

1855 hrs IST: Venus Williams will be soon up against Johanna Konta – the player who is carrying a lot of England hopes on her shoulders. She has been in good form and runs into veteran Venus. The winner of this match will take on Muguruza in Saturday’s final

1839 hrs IST: Rybarikova now serving to stay in the match at 1-5. Starts by sending her forehand long. 0-15. Not even getting the ball bounces before serving going right. Bad day! Muguruza with plenty of depth and zip in her groundstrokes to force Rybarikova into an error. 0-30. Tries to move up but sends her forehand long. Brings up three match points. She saves one as Muguruza sends her lob long. A long rally with both players moving side to side but the depth leaves her undone. Rybarikova sends her forehand into the net. GAME, SET, MATCH! Muguruza is into her second Wimbledon final and it has taken her just 64 minutes

1828 hrs IST: Big applause ring around Center Court as Rybarikova creates an opening and delivers on it. A perfectly played lob with Muguruza at the net. 30-0. But she follows it up with an error after a deep return from the Spaniard. 30-15. Thing with Muguruza though? Not very consistent with the backhands. But she can afford to miss a few here (or many). 40-15. Scratch that. She doesn’t want to miss or give any momentum away. Goes behind Rybarikova with a backhand winner. 40-30. Review going Rybarikova’s way as she grazes an inch of the line. Replaying the point. Sweet movement by Muguruza to find the lines on both backhand and then forehand to set up a simple volley winner. Deuce. Muguruza’s forehand return sails long. But with Rybarikova getting the chance to pass, she finds the net. The Slovakian hurt by too many short balls. Tries to go for a serve and volley to mix things up but a half volley is sent long. Break point. Well played by both women. Muguruza with the movement to pick up a tricky drop and Rybarikova to play that drop shot in the first place. Deuce. But poor approach by Rybarikova this time and it brings up a second break point of the game. Nice forehand by Rybarikova to force Muguruza into an error. Deuce. Mishit by Muguruza on the Rybarikova serve. Another error by Muguruza on the forehand and Ryarikova holds serve after a game lasting over eight and a half minutes

1826 hrs IST: Muguruza is in cruise control. Pounding massive backhands after another. Despite Rybarikova doing her best to push the rallies, the Spaniard continues to go after the little space on offer on either side of the court and bringing up winners after another. Fittingly, she holds serve with a backhand winner. 4-0

1822 hrs IST: DEMOLITION SHOW! This is complete annihilation by Muguruza. Jumps on to a second serve by Rybarikova at 0-40 and thumps it for a backhand winner down the line. BREAK! Muguruza now 3-0 up and it has been 42 minutes only…

1817 hrs IST: Rybarikova is broken in the first game of the second set. Muguruza making the most of her forays to the net. Won 10/13 at the net in the opening set. And even from the back, she is dictating play. Doesn’t help Rybarikova who looks very nervous. About time she flex those muscles. Muguruza once again with a fairly comfortable hold. An ace down the tee and she drops one point on her serve.

1814 hrs IST: Konta, next up, has a task on her hands

1807 hrs IST: Uh-oh! Muguruza misses a simple drive volley. Goes for too much power and it goes long and wide. Once again, tries for a lot of power and pays for it. 0-30. Rybarikova makes an error on the backhand side. Credit to Muguruza to keep the point going there after the ball hit the baseline and scooped up. 30-30 now. Set point Muguruza and she gets the job done as Rybarikova sends her backhand wide. Simple, very simple for Garbine so far.

1803 hrs IST: Rybarikova serving to get on the board once again. Good start by Muguruza with a deep service return and Rybarkiova nets it. Muguruza with two unforced errors after a lengthy rally that had the Spaniard moving up again and then a backhand drive volley on a lob. But Muguruza vying for a bagel here. 30-30. Rybarikova with a good forehand on Muguruza’s backhand and the dink is smashed away. Followed by an ace. She’s on the board and a huge applause on Center Court. 5-1

1800 hrs IST: Chance for Rybarikova to get on the board with a break point. But Muguruza with beautiful point construction and good hands at the net to push the ball behind the Slovakian from the volley. The return goes wide. Deuce. And now Rybarikova makes a mistake on the backhand side. Muguruza with an ace out wide and in just 20 minutes, the Spaniard is 5-0 up.

1752 hrs IST: Rybarikova goes for a drop at 0-30 but Muguruza is quick to reach it and pushes for a winner on the forehand. Brings up three break points. The Slovakian saves two with good serves and Muguruza sends the returns long. But one still remains. Another miss on the backhand service return, not much pace in it but Muguruza tries to go for a bit much and sends it long. Deuce. Rybarikova has a chance to send a forehand pass past Muguruza but nets it instead. Saves another break point with a nice gentle volley. Back to deuce. Another drop by Rybarikova and Muguruza has the wheels to reach it and put in place a drive volley by taking two steps back. She tries to go for an ace down the tee. Called fault and it is. Fifth break point for Muguruza nd this time Rybarikova errs in trying to go for a backhand winner down the line. Muguruza racing away with this. 4-0!

1749 hrs IST: Muguruza seems to have the game wrapped up to love but then Rybarikova challenges and the ball has landed in. But delays the outcome by a point. Muguruza holds with ease and has raced off to a 3-0 lead

1747 hrs IST: Break! Early break for Muguruza as Rybarikova double faults at 30-40. Challenge fails her too. Advantage Muguruza!


1740 hrs IST: We’re underway on Center Court with Garbine Muguruza serving first. How good has this run been for Rybarikova. Her best before this was third round in 2015 and now, semi-finals. Can she make it to the finals? Let’s see how things pan out. Not the most comfortable serving start for Muguruza but early intent says she will go into attack. Moving to the net multiple times.