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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Federer to meet Raonic, Murray faces Berdych in Wimbledon semis: Day 9 as it happened

Wimbledon 2016 got its men's singles semi-finalists after some enthralling matches on Wednesday.

By: Express Web Desk | Updated: July 7, 2016 7:52:19 pm
Jo-Wilfired Tsonga went down to Andy Murray in a five-set quarter-final.

Wimbledon 2016 got its men’s singles semi-finalists on Wednesday after some epic battles. Roger Federer defeated Marin Cilic in a five-setter to set a date with Milos Raonic who had defeated Sam Querrey in 4 sets. In the other two quarters, Tomas Berdych cruised past Lucas Pouille and will face Andy Murray who had to battle it out against Jo-Wilfried Tsonga in a five setter (Federer sets Twitter on Fire!)

Day 9 of Wimbledon 2016: As it happened

0106 hrs IST: Jo-Wilfried Tsonga goes down! Andy Murray is moving to the semi-finals after a 7-6 6-1 3-6 4-6 6-1. He will meet Tomas Berdych

0051 hrs IST: Tsonga with a forced error and Murray holds! He has raced to a 3-0 lead in the fifth set

0047 hrs IST: Murray with a break and a crucial one in the decider! He leads 2-0

0043 hrs IST: Murray and Tsonga are taking it to the next level!

0042 hrs IST: Tsonga with a series of backhand shots but then Murray with a backhand volley that Tsonga cannot return. Murray gets first game in fifth set

0041 hrs IST: Another ace from Murray for the advantage!

0040 hrs IST: Murray forces deuce and then serves an ace under pressure to take the advantage but Tsonga gets it past Murray with a forehand. What a point for Tsonga. Looked impossible

0038 hrs IST: Aggressive play from Tsonga and Andy Murray is really frustrated after a tame forehand into the net. He trails 40-30

0033 hrs IST: Andy Murray hits a forehand into the net and that is set to Tsonga! Federer came back from two sets down. Can Tsonga do it? We are into the decider

0027 hrs IST: BREAK!! Tsonga breaks Murray with a huge backhand winner down the line. Goes 5-4 up in the fourth

0021 hrs IST: Murray sends forehand wide and Tsonga finally holds to make it 4-4 in the fourth

0021 hrs IST: ACE! Game point to Tsonga now.

0020 hrs IST: Deep, deep forehand by Murray but Tsonga somehow sends it back. Murray can’t send the volley back though. Deuce again.

0020 hrs IST: Poor charge by Tsonga and Murray makes the most of it by sending a forehand winner past Tsonga

0018 hrs IST: Another chance for the Briton to break once again. And he squanders it. Tsonga’s groundstroke hits the top of the net and falls rather kindly for Murray to run on and hit for a winner but he shanks it into the net. Huge miss and he knows it. Back to deuce.

0018 hrs IST: Tsonga saves break point with a backhand winner down the line. Brings it back to deuce.

0010 hrs IST: Tsonga with a fierce forehand winner and he’s broken back to bring it back to serve. 3-4.

0009 hrs IST: Another break point after a superb backhand slice from the back of the court sets up a nice and easy volley put away.

0008 hrs IST: Poor judgement by Tsonga of Murray’s serve. Tried to run around but it was down the centre and the Frenchman sends it into the net. Deuce

0008 hrs IST: Saved one with a Tsonga error hitting the tramlines. Second with an ace down the tee.

0007 hrs IST: Three break back points for Tsonga.

0004 hrs IST: Tsonga sends backhand long and Murray breaks! 4-2 to the Brit.

0000 hrs IST: Ace by Murray and it stays on serve. 3-2 to the Briton

2352 hrs IST: Murray with a well placed serve down the centre for an ace. 2-1 up in the fourth and stays on serve

2345 hrs IST: Murray saves a break point to hold serve. Huge cheer as he goes 1-0 up in the fourth set

2335 hrs IST: Serve down the centre and Murray can’t return. Frenchman wins it 6-3. Tsonga forces a fourth!

2334 hrs IST: Two set points for Tsonga and he sends first one long on the forehand side.

2318 hrs IST: After little resistance from Murray, Tsonga holds with lovely volleys to make it 4-1 in the third

2314 hrs IST: Tsonga breaks! Massive return on Murray’s serve and the Brit sends it long. 3-1

2306 hrs IST: Federer’s celebration tweet is pretty awesome too.

2255 hrs IST: Murray with an easy putaway after a good serve and in 26 minutes, he’s won the second set 6-1

2252 hrs IST: Tsonga is finally on the board. Holds serve. But Murray is still 5-1 up

2248 hrs IST: Tsonga with his head immersed in the towel. As it should be. He’s being bageled here. 5-0 to Murray

2245 hrs IST: Heavy deep shots by Murray and Tsonga sends backhand long for another break. 4-0

2240 hrs IST: Tsonga gets his serve broken in the very first game. Murray up 3-0 and blitzing past the Frenchman

2235 hrs IST: An injury affected Sachin wishes Federer luck for the remainder of the tournament

2229 hrs IST: Murray finally makes most of the set point with a deft drop shot at the net. 7-6!

2228 hrs IST: Saved with a strong forehand which hits the sideline. 10-10

2225 hrs IST: Tsonga hitting the tramlines and brutalising the ball but in the end the Frenchman hits the net. Another set point for Andy

2225 hrs IST: Tsonga backhand is into the net and it is set point for Murray at 9-8

2224 hrs IST: Berdych is through to the semi-finals! He beats Pouille 7-6, 6-3, 6-2

2222 hrs IST: Tsonga fails to make most of Murray second serve. Sends it long. 7-7

2222 hrs IST: On Court 1, Berdych will serve for the match at 5-2 in the third.

2219 hrs IST: Murray with a super return of serve and winner to follow to make it 6-6 in the tiebreak

2204 hrs IST: Murray holds back to level it 5-5. 52 minutes, and very little separates the two in 1st set

2158 hrs IST: After the break, Tsonga puts pressure on Murray with a quick hold. Moves 5-4 up

2154 hrs IST: Tsonga seals the game with a sensational single-handed passing shot, breaks Murray. 4-4

2153 hrs IST: Berdych seals the second set against Pouille 6-3. He’s two sets up in the quarters clash

2139 hrs IST: Long long game and Murray manages to hold serve to go 4-2 up in the first set vs Tsonga

2136 hrs IST: Murray, who is yet to drop a set at Wimbledon, is already a break up. Serving at 3-2 now

2126 hrs IST: Berdych takes the opening set against Pouille, winning the tie-break 7-4

2123 hrs IST: Elsewhere, Pouille and Berdych to settle the opening set via tie-break

2120 hrs IST: Tsonga leads Murray 2-1 in the first set. No breaks yet, comfortable holding games for the two

2111 hrs IST: Meanwhile, a post-match moment!

2108 hrs IST: Federer continues to set numbers on fire

2106 hrs IST: In the other quarter-final, Tomas Berdych is locked at 4-4 against Lucas Pouille in the 1st set

2101 hrs IST: Andy Murray is out in the middle. He is up against Tsonga for a place in the Wimbledon semis

WATCH: Vintage Federer enters semis with emphatic win

2053 hrs IST: After 3 hrs and 20 minutes, two sets down and three match points down, Federer wins! He’s through to yet another Wimbledon semi-final. Beats Cilic 6-7, 4-6, 6-3, 7-6, 6-3

2051 hrs IST: Match point Federer after an ace! Federer with an ace out wide and he is through to the semis! Superb come back from the legend!

2050 hrs IST: C’mon says Federer after a serve out wide forces an error

2049 hrs IST: Federer backhand into the net after a long rally. 15-15

2049 hrs IST: Cilic forehand on serve goes long. 15-0

2048 hrs IST: Cilic forehand goes narrowly wide and Federer breaks. He will serve at 5-3 for the match!

2048 hrs IST: Exceptional cross court winner by Federer full of sidespin. Another break point

2047 hrs IST: Saved by a strong serve and a put away

2047 hrs IST: Gorgeous forehand winner and Federer has a break point

2044 hrs IST: On Court 1, Berdych has broken Pouille to go up 2-1 in the first

2042 hrs IST: Federer holds and has support from Bacsinszky

2039 hrs IST: Closed it out with the ever reliable ace. 3-3

2037 hrs IST: Break point Federer after a glorious backhand catches Cilic out. Federer’s backhand hits the top of the net and it is deuce.

2030 hrs IST: We’re underway on Court 1 between Tomas Berdych and a surprise Lucas Pouille

2030 hrs IST: On serve so far in the fifth. Cilic serving at 1-2

2017 hrs IST: Cilic forehand is into the net and that’s set for Federer!

2017 hrs IST: Exceptional retrieving by Federer from the backhand and then the backhand for fourth set point

2015 hrs IST: Set point for Federer. And it is hit into the net. 9-9

2015 hrs IST: Double fault by Cilic.

2014 hrs IST: Set point Federer. Cilic with a glorious backhand winner down the line as Federer chips and charges. 8-8

2013 hrs IST: Lovely exchange at the net before Federer puts it away for a backhand volley winner

2012 hrs IST: Second serve. Cilic forehand on serve is into the net. 7-7

2012 hrs IST: Lovely serve down the tee by Cilic and it is another match point for Cilic

2011 hrs IST: Cilic ace out wide to make it 6-6

2011 hrs IST: Federer’s inside out forehand is long! Unbelievable miss!

2010 hrs IST: Set point Federer as Cilic forehand goes long.

2010 hrs IST: CIlic with a huge forehand winner to return the minibreak

2008 hrs IST: Two match points for Raonic and Querrey can’t return the volley. Game set match Raonic!

2007 hrs IST: Federer with serve down the tee to make it 3-3

2007 hrs IST: Federer with a backhand error and it goes wide. Stays on serve

2006 hrs IST: Cilic squanders minibreak by sending backhand long. 2-2

2005 hrs IST: Federer’s forehand is wide. Mishit and a minibreak for the Croat

2005 hrs IST: Federer with a second serve ace down the tee to make it 1-1 in the tiebreak

2003 hrs IST: Cilic forehand on a poor drop shot by Federer is long. Tiebreak!

2003 hrs IST: Ace number 19 and Federer has the advantage

2003 hrs IST: Federer with an ace out wide. Deuce.

2002 hrs IST: Federer backhand is long and another match point for Cilic

2002 hrs IST: Ace down the centre to make it 30-30

2001 hrs IST: Cilic with a low return on 15-15 that gets the tape and forces Federer to send volley wide

2000 hrs IST: Federer backhand goes long and Cilic holds to make it 6-5

1958 hrs IST: Inside out forehand winner by Cilic to make it 30-30

1957 hrs IST: Federer winner down the line on the forehand and it is 15-30 now

1956 hrs IST: Lovely backhand slice drop by Federer on the serve. 0-15

1955 hrs IST: Two errors by Cilic and Federer holds to make it 5-5

1954 hrs IST: Cilic forehand on serve is long. Deuce

1954 hrs IST: Match point Cilic! Glorious backhand down the line and it is not returned.

1953 hrs IST: Federer backhand slice into the net. Stayed low after Cilic’s backhand slice itself caught the tape. 30-30

1953 hrs IST: Great response by Federer with two great serves to make it 30-15

1952 hrs IST: Cilic forehand in the hitting zone for the Croat to send it down the line on the serve. 0-15

1951 hrs IST: Cilic holds to make it 5-4. Federer to serve to stay in the match…

1950 hrs IST: Querrey survives a little pressure on his serve but holds eventually to make it 2-2 in the fourth

1948 hrs IST: 4-4 on centre court. Cilic serving to put pressure on Federer

1939 hrs IST: Make that four aces in a row. Superb service game

1938 hrs IST: Another ace – this time on the forehand side

1938 hrs IST: And now ace on the backhand side for an ace

1937 hrs IST: Strong serve down the tee for an ace. Another break point for the Swiss

1937 hrs IST: Backhand winner down the line and double break point for Federer

1936 hrs IST: Glorious running backhand winner down the line by Federer past an outstretched hand of Cilic who can’t reach it for a volley putaway

1933 hrs IST: Federer closes it out with an ace. Narrowly touching the outside of the line.

1933 hrs IST: Cilic forehand is long. Game point Federer.

1932 hrs IST: Lovely serve down the tee and forces an error on the forehand. Deuce!

1932 hrs IST: Two break points for Cilic. Saved one as Cilic backhand is into the net

1930 hrs IST: And Querrey holds to bag the third set 7-5. We’re going into the fourth!

1929 hrs IST: Massive break for Querrey. He converts his first chance and will serve for the third at 6-5.

1920 hrs IST: Roger Federer holds! He wins the set 6-4 and is still in this game. Cilic leads 7-6 6-4 4-6

1917 hrs IST: Federer gets the break! Crucial one for him. A double fault from Cilic and Federer leads 5-3 in the third set

1913 hrs IST: Brilliant from Federer to save three break points and win the game! He leads 4-3 in the third set

1907 hrs IST: Marin Cilic making life difficult for Federer! He holds in the sixth game to make it 3-3

1858 hrs IST: Roger Federer manages to hold and take lead in the third set! He is leading 2-1 in the third and Cilic will be serving now

1852 hrs IST: In the other quarter-final, Milos Roanic is two sets up against Sam Querrey. He won the second set 7-5

1850 hrs IST: Roger Federer hits a backhand into the net and Cilic takes the set. He leads 7-6 6-4 in the quarter-finals

1845 hrs IST: Roger Federer with a great play and hold! But Cilic is the one leading 5-4 and will be serving for the set

1842 hrs IST: Cilic wraps up game eight with an ace! He is leading 5-3 and will be breaking Federer for the a two set lead

1837 hrs IST: Too good from Cilic. A hold for love and a lead 4-2. Federer knows nothing about the set. He is not looking great

1835 hrs IST: Roger Federer is back in it. A holds from the Swiss which makes it 2-3 Cilic

1831 hrs IST: A break point for Federer but he fails to convert it! Cilic then holds! Leads 3-1 in the second set

1826 hrs IST: Cilic has a break point and converts it! Federer is feeling the heat now! HE trails a set and 2-1 in the second set

1816 hrs IST: Cilic takes the first set against Federer 7-6(4). Federer drops set for 1st time at Wimbledon 2016

1813 hrs IST: In the other quarter-final, Raonic takes the 1st set against Querrey 6-4

1812 hrs IST: After conceding five points, Federer is finally on the board. Trails the Croatian 1-5

1811 hrs IST: Cilic takes a 3-0 lead over Federer in the tie-break. Pressure on the Swiss maestro now

1809 hrs IST: Six holds each, and Federer-Cilic 1st set enters tie-break

1806 hrs IST: Quality serving game puts Cilic back in the lead. His first serves have been spot on in the first set so far. 6-5. Federer to serve!

1802 hrs IST: Raonic-Querrey too play the holding game! They are locked at 4-4 in 1st set. No breaks!

1801 hrs IST: The Game of Holds continue. Cilic’s holds to go 5-4 up. Federer to now serve for survival in the 1st set

1759 hrs IST: Federer, on full stretch, reaches for Cilic’s lob and delivers a back-hand smash to seal the point. Quality tennis by the two near the net

1755 hrs IST: Seven games, 22 minutes and no break of serves yet. Federer had the opportunity to break twice, but Cilic did well to hold serve

1750 hrs IST: It’s very similar in the other quarter-final. Raonic and Querrey are 2-2 in their opening set

1748 hrs IST: The exchange of holds continue. Federer, Cilic locked at 3-3 in 1st set

1746 hrs IST: From 0-30 down, Cilic fights back to hold serve against Federer. 3-2!

1743 hrs IST: Federer taking pace off Cilic’s returns with precise slices and the Croatian powers one forehand into the net to go 0-30 down, on serve. Good chance for the Swiss to put pressure for the early break

1742 hrs IST: Federer makes a couple of unforced errors but manages to hold on to make it 2-2 in the 1st set

1740 hrs IST: Cilic charges the net but fails to meet Federer’s stunning, angled, backhand return

1739 hrs IST: In the other quarter-final, Raonic starts with a hold of serve against Querrey

1736 hrs IST: Equally good serving game for Federer as he too holds serve without conceding a point

1734 hrs IST: Cilic with a clinical hold of serve, doesn’t drop a point and goes 1-0 up

1732 hrs IST: Federer is yet to drop a set in the tournament so far, and has looked in good touch in the matches preceding this mouth-watering quarters clash against Cilic

1730 hrs IST: Federer, Cilic arrive! Bright and sunny day. Ideal conditions to watch, and play tennis

1719 hrs IST: Federer holds edge when it comes to head-to-head numbers, but the Swiss maestro would remember their last meeting – at US Open

1716 hrs IST: It has been a long wait of plenty of spectators, and it’s almost MATCH TIME on Centre Court

1715 hrs IST: Roger Federer applies final touches before his quarter-final contest against Marin Cilic

Record 8th title for Roger Federer no longer a pipe dream

With Novak Djokovic’s early exit from the tournament, Roger Federer hopes to end his four year wait for a Grand Slam title. (Source: Reuters)

When self-styled “old guy” Roger Federer clocked that he was on a semi-final collision course with an all-conquering world number one, his vision of holding aloft the Wimbledon trophy for a record eighth time may have seemed like a pipe dream.

Murray downs mercurial Nick Kyrgios to reach quarter-finals

Andy Murray will face Frenchman Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, the 12th seed, in the quarter-finals. (Source: Reuters)

World number two Andy Murray withstood the challenge of Nick Kyrgios on Monday, sweeping aside the mercurial Australian 7-5 6-1 6-4 on Centre Court to reach his ninth straight Wimbledon quarter-final.

Djokovic conqueror Sam Querrey reaches 1st Slam quarter-final

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One match after a stunning victory over two-time reigning champion Novak Djokovic at Wimbledon, there was no letdown for Sam Querrey. And Querrey was all too aware people might have wondered whether he could follow that up with another strong performance.

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