Australian Open 2019 Day 11 Highlights: Rafael Nadal beats Stefanos Tsitsipas to reach final

Australian Open 2019 Day 11 Highlights: Rafael Nadal beats Stefanos Tsitsipas to reach final

Australian Open 2019 Day 11 Highlights: Live score and updates from Melbourne Park for women's singles semifinals and one of the two men's semifinals.

Australian Open 2019 Live Tennis Score Semifinals Live Streaming: Rafel Nadal will be in action. (Source: AP)
Australian Open 2019 Highlights: Rafel Nadal reaches final. (Source: AP)

Australian Open 2019 Day 11 Highlights: Rafael Nadal made a mockery of the hype built around his semifinal clash against the Greek youngster Stefanos Tsitsipas who ousted Roger Federer earlier. The 17-time Grand Slam champion beat the 20-year-old 6-2, 6-4, 6-0 to book a spot in the final of the Australian Open 2019. He will now face the winner of Novak Djokovic vs Lucas Pouille.

Earlier, Naomi Osaka booked her 2nd Grand Slam final spot after edging out Czech Republic’s Karolina Pliskova 2-6, 6-4, 4-6 to reach the Australian Open final. She will face Petra Kvitova who entered the final of the Australian Open 2019 after she beat US’ Danielle Collins 7-6 (7-2), 6-0 in the first semifinal of Day 11. Catch Live score and updates of Australian Open 2019 Semifinals.

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Australian Open 2019 Day 11 Highlights

Nadal on Djokovic

"Djokovic has been in this position many times while first for Lucas. Novak is unbelievably solid but its a tennis match and anything can happen."

Nadal's message to the youngsters

Most Grand Slam finals (all time):

30 - Federer
25 - Nadal 👏🏻
23 - Djokovic
19 - Lendl
18 - Sampras

Nadal speaks

"Hopefully I can play better than that. It was a great match and a great tournament. It has been unbelievable. All the young guys are improving and it is always a big challenge to play against them. New generation coming is very interesting. Wish all of them success in their career. Stefanos has everything to win. He serves big and comes to net often. He has it in him to win a grand slam. Reaching a semifinal says a lot already. I hope to face him in future as well. I have played some great matches here with the roof closed. Most important to have option to keep playing even if its raining. Great for player, crowd and audience at home. I like to play with the sleeveless T-shirt. We spoke to Nike and happy to be back to sleeveless and feel younger again!"

Rafael Nadal will face who? Who? Who? Who?

This will be Rafa Nadal's 25th Grand Slam final. He will face either Novak Djokovic or Lucas Pouille


RAFAEL NADAL BEATS STEFANOS TSITSIPAS 6-2, 6-4, 6-0 to book a spot in the Australian Open Final. As the WWE Chairman Vince McMahon's theme song says - "NO CHANCE! NO CHANCE IN HELL! YOU GOT!" This is what was in store for Stefanos Tsitsipas and thousands of Greek fans who came to the stadium to watch the match. When Nadal is in this fierce mood, he generally wins it easy.


Third set - Tsitsipas 2-6, 4-6, 0-5 Nadal

Nadal's a freak! He breaks the serve for the third time in the final set and will now serve for the match. He is minutes away from booking a Grand Slam final berth for himself at the Australian Open.



Third Set - Tsitsipas 0-3 Nadal

HOW DOES HE DO THAT! Rafael Nadal is making a mockery of the buildup that was done to this match. He breaks the second serve in the third set and now he has a 3-0 lead. Nadal 3-0 Tstisipas.

Third Set - Tsitsipas 0-2 Nadal

Rafael Nadal is looking at his absolute best at the moment. He is making it too easy. A love game for him and now he leads 2-0 in the third set. Just four games away from booking a final spot.

Third Set - Tsitsipas 0-1 Nadal

Rafael Nadal breaks the serve in the first game of the third set to take the lead. He has now taken a lead in the third set. Tsitsipas is in big trouble now in the match.


Another love game for Nadal and now he is sitting easily in the match. He has won the first two sets and if he wins one more, he will book a spot in the final. Fantastic stuff from the Spaniard.

Second Set: Tsitsipas 2-6, 4-5 Nadal

Rafael Nadal finally breaks the serve and now he will be serving for the set. Stefanos Tsitsipas held on so well for so long, but a couple of rookie errors from the Greek cost him the game.

Second Set: Tsitsipas 2-6, 4-4 Nadal

Both Rafael Nadal and Stefanos Tsitsipas earn a love game on their serve and the scores are now level at 4-4 in the second set. This is getting too cagey at the moment and it could go down to the tie breaker.

Second Set: Tsitsipas 2-6, 3-2 Nadal

WHAT A COMEBACK! Stefanos Tsitsipas holds serve after a tremendous comeback. He was trailing 40-0, but then came back to win the game and win the game.

Second Set: Tsitsipas 2-6, 2-2 Nadal

Stefans Tsitsipas gave Rafael Nadal some nervy points. One of the ponts was earned by Nadal by luring him closer to the net and then just dropping the volley on the other side. Tsitsipas did the same to get a point and take it close. But to no avail.

Second Set: Tsitsipas 2-6, 2-2 Nadal

Stefans Tsitsipas gave Rafael Nadal some nervy points. One of the ponts was earned by Nadal by luring him closer to the net and then just dropping the volley on the other side. Tsitsipas did the same to get a point and take it close. But to no avail.

Second Set: Tsitsipas 2-6, 2-1 Nadal

Tsitsipas holds his serve as he reaps the winner from an ace. Nadal did well to try and get something off by bringing the game closer to the net and using his speed to lure Tsitsipas. But it could only earn him one point.

Second Set: Tsitsipas 2-6, 1-1 Nadal

Nadal holds off his serve. He had the chance to get his third love game of the match so far but an unforced error saw him drop a point. The score are level now in the 2nd set.

Second Set: Tsitsipas 2-6, 1-0 Nadal

A triple unforced error from Rafael Nadal helps Stefanos Tsitsipas to get back hopes of getting back into the match. The 20-year-old reaped the benefits of a disciplined start in the second set.  


Excellent stuff from the Spaniard and he makes the job look easy. The final game stretched to nothing even after Tsitsipas getting the first point. Nadal was on point in his movements and he is just too quick. He wins the first set 6-4.

First Set: Tsitsipas 2-5 Nadal

NADAL BREAKS SERVE! What a comeback from the Spaniard - he was trailing 40-15, but then a couple of unforced errors from Tsitsipas took the game to a deuce. Another flying shot from the Greek was volleyed back by Nadal to get the advantage. Another error from the youngster gave Nadal the win.

First Set: Tsitsipas 2-4 Nadal

Another love game for Nadal - third consecutive one in the match. A good flick up in the air from Tsitsipas early on but it went outside the lines. Nadal makes the most of the unforced errors later on.

First Set: Tsitsipas 2-3 Nadal

SERVE POINT FOR TSITSIPAS! Tsitsipas looks to bounce back as he has been helped early on by a close call for outside. He then made most of the unforced errors from Nadal.

First Set: Tsitsipas 1-3 Nadal

Easy serve point for Nadal and he does it without even conceding any point. There was absolutely no resistance from Tsitsipas as he watched the poetry in motion from Nadal's backhand strokes.

First Set: Tsitsipas 1-2 Nadal

NADAL BREAKS SERVE! The 17-time Grand Slam Champion was looking nervous early on but hey that's Nadal you are talking about. If anyone knows how to brush off nerves, it's him. A fantastic display of speed and movement from the Spaniard. He now takes the lead.

First Set: Nadal 1-1 Tsitsipas

A fantastic serve point from Rafael Nadal but Stefanos Tsitsipas is showing incredible signs of life here. He has the ability to drop the ball closer to net forcing a vastly more experienced Nadal to come forward. Game on!

First Set: Nadal 0-1 Tsitsipas

Stefanos Tsitsipas held his serve as the play begins. Smart, and intelligent play from the Greek star as he lures the Spaniard to come forward by playing a drop shot early on. Nadal was caught unawares. Holds on brilliantly. 1-0 up. Onwards and upwards.

Greece fans are enjoying this!

The Greece fans are in numbers at the stadium and their eyes are glued to the big screen!

First Set: Nadal 0-0 Tsitsipas

Rafael Nadal takes the first serve against Stefanos Tsitsipas. The Spaniard is making the Greek wait as the duo take a breather before the action kicks off. Plenty to play for.

Rafael Nadal, Stefanos Tsitsipas take court

Here are the two semifinalists - Rafael Nadal and Stefanos Tsitsipas on the court. The temperature is 36 degree celcius, The winds are moderate and there is NO ROOF. The stage is set for a thriller here. LETS GO!

The roofs are being raised

Rafael Nadal will feel that he is in advantage as the wind will come into effect in Melbourne since the roofs are being raised here. He had expressed his disappointment of playing under the roof at the Wimbledon semifinal against Novak Djokovic.

Players speak

Tsitsipas: “I remember coming back to the locker room and promising to myself I’m going to do much better against him next time. It felt like I understood a bit better what he was doing on the court after that match, and especially on hard court. It’s going to be interesting. I feel like I can do something good against him.”

Nadal: “Stefanos is one of the best players of the world. He’s ready to win against anybody. To have the chance to be in that final, I need to play my best, and that’s what I am looking for.”

Tsitsipas vs Nadal history

The last time the two meet, Nadal beat him 6-2, 7-6 in Toronto. “I felt very close to beating him in Toronto, though the score was 6-2, 7-6,” he says.


Rafael Nadal will be in action up next as he gets ready to face on the 20-year-old Stefanos Tsitsipas. The Greek rising star has already caused a major upset this tournament. He defeated ROGER FEDERER! Can he cause more upset?

What will be on the line in the final!

Osaka speaks!

Osaka has now won 13 Grand slams matches

Naomi Osaka's unbeaten run at Grand Slam continues as she has now won 13 of her last Grand Slam matches. She is 21-years old!

Naomi Osaka vs Petra Kvitova History

Here are some staggering numbers... oh wait!

Australian Open 2019 Day 11 Highlights: Serena Williams blew a 5-1 final set lead against seventh seed Karolina Pliskova in the quarter-finals of the Australian Open on Wednesday, squandering four match points as she was beaten 6-4 4-6 7-5. Pliskova stunned a packed Rod Laver Arena with a fightback for the ages as she rallied from the brink of defeat to deny Williams the chance to keep alive her hopes of winning a record-equalling 24th Grand Slam title.