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Will Wrestlemania 33 be The Undertakers last bow?

The rumors surrounding Undertaker's retirement have been prevalent for a long time especially after his hip-surgery

The Undertaker’s erstwhile streak included victories against every member of Evolution. (Source: WWE)

Ever since the match between Undertaker and Roman Reigns was announced there is only one question stuck on the lips of fans across the world- will this be the Undertaker’s last match at Wrestlemania?

The doubts of The Undertaker’s retirement is one of the most exciting rumors which has persisted among WWE fans. However, it seems as though this time, it may just come true.

For one, age certainly isn’t on the side of the Deadman. He is 51 years-old and recently underwent a hip-surgery. As a result of this his in-ring performances have taken a dip as his moves have become limited. He needs to be careful about aggravating his injury or else it might lead to serious concerns. A number of photos were also posted online showing The Undertaker using crutches to walk.

Even last year, after The Undertaker’s match against Shane McMahon at WrestleMania 32,he reportedly said backstage that he didn’t think he could wrestle again.


In this year on episode on RAW his opponent Roman Reigns had himself had claimed that he would retire the Undertaker and this only adds fuel to fire.

Another indication is that WWE itself has placed a poll on their website, asking whether or not the fans believe Roman Reigns will retire the Deadman come their match at WrestleMania 33.

The three options of the poll are-
Yes, the Big Dog will end The Phenom’s in-ring career.
No, Reigns may win the match but he will not end The Deadman’s career.
No, not only will Reigns not end The Undertaker’s career, he won’t win the match.

However, one must not forget that the rumors surrounding Undertaker’s retirement have been prevalent for a long time but it has not happened. The rumours were especially strong in 2014, when everyone was pretty confident that WrestleMania 30 would be The Undertaker’s retirement match. However, even after he was defeated by Brock Lesnar and the streak was ended, Taker kept on going.