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UFC athlete Conor McGregor open to competing in the WWE ring

Conor McGregor's agent confirmed the UFC double title holder could entertain a WWE fight if talks were to emerge.

Conor McGregor’s win over Eddie Alvarez was his 18th career win by knockout and won him the UFC lightweight title. REUTERS

Conor McGregor, who made UFC history earlier this month by becoming the first person to simultaneously hold two belts in the UFC by adding Eddie Alvarez’s lightweight strap in a clinical performance, would try his hand in the WWE ring.

According to McGregor’s agent, Audie Attar, mixed martial arts artist would be interested in a ‘conversation’ with the WWE, he said on the Five Rounds podcast.

Former WWE superstar Triple H,who was present during McGegor’s fight against Alvarez, has little doubt about Conor’s stardom and recently said in an interview that The Irish wrestler has all the tools to succeed in WWE.

Confirming to it, Attar said that it is all about business and if the wrestling organisation is to come with an offer, they are willing to entertain it.


“We are here. Have their people call his people – which is me. We can have a conversation.” said Attar.

McGregor’s capacity to settle in the WWE would come into question. He has already remarked that the WWE wrestlers are a bunch of pansies.

Paul Heyman, on-screen WWE manager , believes Irish fighter’s ability to earn money would overshadow any concerns.

Recently in an interview with Yahoo!, WWE manager said that ‘if Mcgregor can be a revenue driver for WWE, if his presence can help them sell extra thousands and tens of thousand of tickets, who cares if any other wrestler likes him or not..!’

Adding to it, he went ahead saying if anybody has problem with his involvement , they have to learn how to accept it or draw more money than him.

“Until they can drive the revenue as Conor McGregor drives, then perhaps they should get used to the fact that people like that will always get offers to come in and, as the old saying goes, draw money,” added Heyman.

McGregor performed a strut inspired by WWE majority owner Vince McMahon’s famous power walk during his victory against Alvarez.