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Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Pro Kabaddi season 4: Jaipur Pink Panthers beat Dabang Delhi 24-22

Pro Kabaddi season 4: Jaipur Pink Panthers beat Dabang Delhi 24-22 in Mumbai.

By: Express Web Desk | Updated: July 23, 2016 12:36:38 pm
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Jaipur Pink Panthers take on Dabang Delhi in Mumbai. The inaugural season’s champions would be looking to carry forward their winning streak after an emphatic win over Puneri Paltan in their last encounter. Jaipur pink Panthers are well placed at number three spot with 37 points under their kitty. On the other hand Dabang Delhi are almost out of the race as they are bottom placed right now in the points table. Pink Panthers have a great chance to build upon their lead in points table. Jaipur Pink Panthers defeat Dabang Delhi 24-22

LIVE UPDATES: Jaipur Pink Panthers vs Dabang Delhi

2047 hrs IST: Meraj has completed his 10 points and this is the end of the match and Rajesh Narwal gets one point and that is game for Panthers

2046 hrs IST: Do or Die raid for Panthers and what a raid… He should not have done this the defender

2045 hrs IST: Shabbir Bappu is raiding for Jaipur Pink Panthers

2044 hrs IST: Finally a superb tackle from Delhi

2043 hrs IST: SUPER TACKLE ON for Delhi and Jasvir- THE RAIDER is going back without any points


2041 hrs IST: Jaipur Pink Panthers have challenged that decision

2040 hrs IST: Less than 5 minutes to go in the match and Meraj get a point

2039 hrs IST: Jaipur Pink Panthers are showing the hunger and they are hunting Dabang Delhi

2038 hrs IST: Increase that lead by 6

2037 hrs IST: What a grab that was from the defence

2036 hrs IST: Another empty raid from Jasvir and here’s a do or die raid for Delhi

2035 hrs IST: SUPER TACKLE ON  and that is an empty raid from Jasvir

2034 hrs IST: Jasvir is on track now and he grabs one

2033 hrs IST: Superb stuff from Jaipur Pink Panthers

2032 hrs IST: JHaipur need to stay calm… They are in a lead

2031 hrs IST: Meraj is asking for a point and they get it

2030 hrs IST: Jasvir Singh is here and he will go back silently

2029 hrs IST: Rajesh Narwal in for the raid… BONUS ON for Jaipur Pink Panthers

2028 hrs IST: Panthers need to show patience and meanwhile Dlehi decrease the lead

2026 hrs IST: Skipper raiding for Delhi and it’s a do or die raid and a superb effort….

2025 hrs IST: That’s what we like about Bachchans… Totally dedicated to what they do

2024 hrs IST: BONUS ON 

2023 hrs IST: That’s awareness while you are on the mat  and Panthers lead by 5 points

2022 hrs IST: Substitution for Panthers and Delhi on the raid… Panthers prayed the raider

2021 hrs IST: Jasvir Singh is someone who teases the opponents… But on this occasion it’s an empty raid

2020 hrs IST: We are back with the live action where Jaipur Pink Panthers are leading Dabang Delhi 14-11

2016 hrs IST: Less than a minute to go Panthers sustain the lead at half time

2015 hrs IST: Every point counts for Dabang Delhi…

2014 hrs IST: Another ruthless tackle from Dabang Delhi… They are decreasing the lead now

2013 hrs IST: Prashant Kumar Rai raiding for Dabang Delhi but that’s another empty raid

2012 hrs IST: Abhishek Bachchan is delighted with that effort and why shouldn’t he be

2011 hrs IST: Do or Die raid from Jaipur Pink Panthers nad they get one point

2010 hrs IST: Jasvir Singh has been successful in the last three raids he has made but this time it’s an empty raid

2009 hrs IST: And what a tackle from Delhi, even Sunny is also astonished

2008 hrs IST: Meanwhile the two Bollywood stars greet each other with excitement… Junior Bachchan and Sonu Sood

2007 hrs IST: The lead is increasing for Panthers… A thorough come back for the former champions

2006 hrs IST: Substitution from Jaipur Pink Panthers

2005 hrs IST: Jaipur Pink Panthers have suddenly changed the completion of the game

2004 hrs IST: ANd sometimes you should not show that extra smartness

2003 hrs IST: One more point to Dabang Delhi

2002 hrs IST: Ajay Kumar is the raider for Jaipur Pink Panthers and that is an empty raid

2001 hrs IST: And the raider was a bit lazy there and Amit Hooda won’t let you allow do that

2000 hrs IST: Dabang Delhi grab another point and what a tackle

1959 hrs IST: Dabang Delhi have some good players but still the team hasn’t done much in the season

1958 hrs IST: Bappu raiding for Jaipur and Delhi earn another one.

1957 hrs IST: Here’s the first raid from Panthers’Jasvir Singh and Delhi draw first blood. That is a brilliant tackle and Jasvir is out

1956 hrs IST: And we have SOnu SOod supporting Dabangs

1955 hrs IST: Dabang Delhi need to give everything to stay in the competition

1950 hrs IST: Sunny Leone singing the NATIONAL ANTHEM… Surely a rare view

1947 hrs IST: Welcome Jaipur Pink Panthers and Dabang Delhi


1946 hrs IST: And the teams are out in the middle

1945 hrs IST: Jaipur Pink Panthers have been former champions and are at a good spot as far this season is concerned

1940 hrs IST: The ASLI PANGA between Jaipur Pink Panthers and Dabang Delhi will begin soon


Jaipur Pink Panthers beat Puneri Paltan 33-27

Pro-Kabaddi Season 4 in Kolkata

Jaipur Pink Panthers returned overwhelmed Puneri Paltan 33-27 to return to winning ways in the Pro Kabaddi at the Netaji Indoor Stadium.

Dabang Delhi thrash Bengaluru Bulls 40-20


Dabang Delhi trounced a hapless Bengaluru Bulls 40-20. Kashiling Adake had a superb game and scored 11 points to lead his team to a resounding win.

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