Pro Kabaddi League: Puneri Paltan finish third after beating Telugu Titans 40-35

Puneri Paltan end their Pro Kabaddi season 4 at third place after beating Telugu Titans 40 - 35 in Hyderabad.

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Puneri Paltan beat Telugu Titans to secure third spot in this years Pro Kabaddi League. Puneri Paltan and Telugu Titans though, faced a defeat in their respective semi-final clashes but the two sides will now battle it out for the 3/4 place this year. The match would take place at Hyderead. Interestingly, Titans finished their league with a points count of 50 and were placed second whereas, Paltan finished fourth with 42 points.

But still after all hustle Puneri Paltan came up with their best after losing a chance of lifting the trophy as they demolished Telugu Titans by 40-35. Earlier before this clash, a stunning performance in the last five minutes from Rajesh Mondal and Pardeep Narwal helped Patna Pirates beat Puneri Paltan 37-33.

Patna with strong display from their defenders scored 11 points in the last five minutes to make it to their second successive final.

On the other side, Puneri Paltan failed to maintain the lead even after mighty performance from their captain Manjeet Chhillar.

Manjeet became the fourth man to score 400 points in Pro Kabaddi League. He got two back to back tackle points as Pune trailed by 2 points in the 20th minute. Telugu Titans’ Rahul Chaudhari was the first player to achieve the feet.

Telugu Titans vs Puneri Paltan: As it happened

#So after all hustle, Puneri Paltan grabbed a third place in this Pro Kabaddi season 4 after beating Telugu Titans 40-35

# Bonus plus two for Deepak Niwas Hooda, crucial raid for Puneri Paltan

# Super Raid for Rahul Chaudhari as he gets 3 points to reduce the lead to one point

# Ajay and Sandep showed yellow cards and both are out of the game

# Anjay Thakur and Sandeep Narwal are claiming and making counter claims

# Deepak Niwas Hooda is playing it smart as he is wasting some time in his raids

# Rahul raises his finger as he gets a toe touch and returns safely

# Deepak Niwas Hooda gives Puneri Paltan a four point lead after a All Out after Sandeep and Somvir failed to stop the raider

# Rahul Chaudhari hits the mat with his wrist as he fails to cross the line

# Rahul Chudhari returns back to his side getting a toe touch

# Super 10 for Deepak Niwas Hooda and technical time out being signaled

# With just over seven minutes left for the final whistle, can Rahul Chaudhari take his team over the line

# Sandeep Narwal raiding and he returns safely empty-handed

# Sandeep Narwal walks out as no support from his teammates came and Deepak walks back

# Substitution for Puneri Paltan: Somvir Shekhar(IN)-Nitin Tomar(OUT)

# Joginder revives and avoids second All Out for Telugu Titans

# Rahul reduces Puneri Paltan to one man, one short of second All Out

# Deepak Niwas Hooda is taken down after Vishal Bhardwaj holds him followed by support from Mahalingam

# Rahul Chaudhari has asked for a TV review and he gets a point after he got a toe touch of Ravinder Kumar

# Rahul with another successful raid equals the score

# Nitin Tomar is taken down as Telugu defender goes for a double ankle hold

# Nilesh Salunk is taken down by chain tackle from Pune

# Deepak Niwas Hooda gets a point as Sandeep Narwal was not strong with his dive in hold

# Rahul Chaudhari takes his time and returns back empty-handed

# We are back, and First All Out for Telugu Titans as Rahul gets a point

# It’s 14-17 to Telugu Titans at half time, and the match is far from over! Stay tuned for the 2nd half!

Rahul Chaudhari gets a point as he manages to escape Ravinder Kumar’s attack 

# Actors Venkatesh and Rana in attendance cheering for their home team

# Nitin TOmar in for a Do-or-Die raid and he is taken down in the right corner

# Pune have wasted their only TV Review, now they will not have a chance to question referee’s decision

# Deepak Niwas Hooda has asked for the TV review and with this Telugu get three points

# Raider Atul out and he takes three Pune defenders with him into the lobby

# Joginder Narwal stands strong in front of Sandeep Narwal to stop him crossing the court

# Do-or-Die raid for Nitin Tmar and he is taken down by Mahalingam, first tackle point for Mahalingam 

# Rahul Chaudhari to raid and there is a huge roar from Titans fans, Rahul returns safely without taking any risk

# Deepak Niwas Hooda in for another raid but this time he returns empty-handed

# Rupesh Tomar goes for a low dive but Nitin Tomar saves himself and he gets a point

# Nilesh Salunke claims two but gets one point in the form of Joginder Narwal

# Deepak Niwas Hooda gets Mahalingam for the second time

# Substitution for Puneri Paltan: Preetam Chhilar(IN)-Ajay Thakur(OUT)

# Review successful for Telugu Titans and with this Telugu Titans get three points

# Rahul Chaudhari completes 500 raid points in Pro Kabaddi history

# First ALL OUT for Puneri Paltan as Deepak Niwas Hooda gets a touch of Sandeep Narwal

# Deepak gets a touch of Nilesh Salunke and this gives two points to Puneri Paltan

# Vishal comes in late but couldn’t stop Deepak Niwas Hooda and the hosts take early three points

# Nitin Tomar with a lively raid but returns back empty-handed

# Puneri paltan to miss the presence of Manjeet Chhillar and his mighty experience

# Nilesh Salunke to make his first raid of the night but is taken down in the right corner

# Rahul starts the proceedings for Telugu Titans, attempts for the bonus but not given

# Poster boy- Rahul Chaudhari is one short of 500 raid points

# Telugu Titans win toss, and they choose court. Puneri paltan to make the first raid of the night.

# Two teams march their way to the mat. Season 1 winner Jaipur all set to take on home team Telugu Titans

# Huge roar from the home fans as Telugu Titans enter the court


Jaipur Pink Panthers beat Telugu Titans 34 – 24


Former champions Jaipur Pink Panthers stir Telugu Titans in the second semifinal of Pro Kabaddi season 4. Jaipur will fight Patna Pirates in the final on July 31 for their second Pro Kabaddi title.

Patna Pirates cruise into the final, beat Puneri Paltan 37 – 33

Pro Kabaddi League

A stunning performance in the last five minutes from Rajesh Mondal and Pardeep Narwal helped Patna Pirates beat Puneri Paltan 37-33.

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